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Either through social networks, pictures, testing, or the internet. People can pay their ills and go to school on cellophanes (smart phones). Cell phones today even have GAPS which makes it easier to locate people and places (Morality & carter, 1998). The positive affects with new technology and communication dealing with Mobile data terminals is that information is transfer to a different location faster. You are able to transfer information on a local, state, and Federal level at a rapid pace. Communication plays a crucial role in the Criminal Justice system.

Communications helps with resolving a complex crime in a court of law. The advancement of technology has helped with the capabilities of communication in specialized databases in the criminal Justice system. Automated fingerprint identification system benefits law enforcement agencies through the use of computer graphics that are operated for the purpose of identifying an individual’s fingerprints (Wallace, H. Robertson, 2009). Live Scan fingerprinting and Iris Scan is both a new technology that is incorporated into the AVIS systems.

Fingerprints have been around for many years. The process Just was so time consuming. Individuals were responsible for classifying fingerprints, looking up an individual by name or state identification number, impairing fingerprints of a crime scene to hundreds or even thousands of fingerprint cards. The newest of the AVIS has revolutionized fingerprint technology. The brains of the AVIS, is that it has the ability as a computer to scan and digitize fingerprints and then create a geometry or map of the unique ridge pattern of a single individual.

This system has increased the speed and accuracy of the well- known 10 point processing of prints. A fingerprint sent by photographic transmission from a crime scene to another location within a state can be processed immediately which then allows officials to issue an all point bulletin within minutes FAA crime. This type of technology opens up communication with the community to catch a criminal quickly and efficiently. The process took many hours and several individuals. Now the system can search through a single database in seconds, minutes, or hours depending on the record.

Technology and specialized databases allow individual cities, states or countries to store information on individuals and relay this information to and from different systems to identify an individual’s past criminal record. There have been a lot of technical advances in computer hardware and program in the sass’s and sass’s came two major advances to the law enforcement reporting systems. The Computer-Aided Dispatching system manages the incoming request for service, monitors the location and status of the available officers, and either dispatches officers directly or recommends the dispatching of officers to a human dispatcher.

The idea of transportable computing includes the use of the web and internal intranets for computing and communicating while on the move. Mobile carriers are usually a smaller version of a multi-use computer, with less memory, processors that are slower, and batteries that require less power; they respond over lower ranges of frequency on wireless communication links (Augural, Ray, & Sanders, 2003). A Mobile Data terminal is a small computer screen and keyboard that allows for direct electronic communications between the law enforcement vehicle and the dispatcher and/or ARMS, is installed in each field vehicle.

Mat’s allow for the transmittal of information without tying up already cluttered radio airways. With Mat’s, the transmission by the dispatcher involves coordinating the units involved rather than Just passing along and recording voice- transmitted information. This allows a single dispatcher to deal with a larger geographical area, more units, or both. The MET “talks” directly to the CAD computer, with the information displayed to the dispatcher on the CAD terminal and to the field officer on the MET screen (Morality & Carter, 1998).

The main flow of information between the officer and dispatcher is conveyed as short spurts of computer data, of the past. This leaves communication channels available for emergency transmission. Mobile carriers are smaller versions of a computer. It has less memory, processors are slower, and batteries that require less power they correspond over lower ranges f frequency on wireless communication links (Augural, Ray & Sanders, 2003) Automatic Fingerprint Identification System compares fingerprints.

None of these systems are presently precise enough to make the final determination for court purposes that two points match; they do sort through the millions of prints on file and present short list likely candidates for comparison. It is these capabilities that make AVIS so valuable, because they do something that no human being can do, that is, find the owner of a single fingerprint from a huge source of fingerprints (Wallace, H. Robertson, 2009). AVIS has become so important to law enforcement that a third multi-agency, multi-state computer network has been created to support it: The Western Identification Network (WIN).

WIN exist to support the ability of Avis’s in the Western United States to search each other’s fingerprint databases for suspects (Wallace, H. Robertson, 2009). Headquartered in California Just outside of Sacramento, the WIN network contains the largest AVIS database in the world and has begun to spread beyond Just the western states. Computer systems in Criminal Justice have tremendously improved the general communication between agencies. It is very resourceful and efficient it is much simpler to acquire the data at a more rapid rate. This may help to prevent or solve crimes.

Criminal Justice system has to say ahead a all times criminals is always trying new ways to commit crimes. The positive impact is that technology allows a crime mapping network. You have better surveillance, better polygraph test and when it comes to court cases now trail can be done by internet videoconferencing (www. Faculty. NCSC. Deed). New technology has its negative side it may make officers lazy. This can cause them to have to catch p on paper work that should have already been completed. Some department’s equipment may be outdated so this means they do not have advantages like other departments.

This may mean that they have to stick with the basics of sharing or receiving information from other agencies (www. Faculty. NCSC. Deed). The new technology that I would be interested in would be the facial recognition. This is computer software that allows the department to identify or verify a person from a digital image or video source. One of the ways is to compare certain facial features through a database. I think that this would be very helpful in capturing fenders that have committed crimes that may have went unsolved because of the lack of technology in the past.