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Computer Information System - Essay Example

Printed questionnaires- The best method of input for printed questionnaires would be to use some sort of mark sensor method that would read the marked answers from an answer sheet key. This method would prevent human error by letting the machine sensor detect the right or wrong marked answers chosen. Telephone survey- The best method of input for telephone survey would be to use yes or no voice recorded detections machine. Users would respond to specific question from a survey by providing speaking the words yes or no.

By answering yes or no the survey would leave little room for error since there are only two options in answering the question. Bank checks- The best method of input for a bank check is the magnetic ink characters (usually located at the bottom of the check) that scan the MIC to proper account. This scanner is used to digitally identify the proper account for the customer bank check by reading this ink characters. This would ensure that human error is not involved in inputting the necessary information and it is ready directly off of the proper bank check.

Retail tags- The best method of input for retail tags are barcode information. The bar code that is attached to the merchandise reads the specific information for that particular item(s) and input it into the system to give the user necessary information. The retail tags are attached to the merchandise so the user can directly scan this information versus manually inputting the necessary information causing room for little error. Long documents- The best method of input for long documents would be a computer.

When the user types the information into the system, he/she is able to format the information and can store the information for later use and accessibility. This will allow the person to input the important information that they would be able to use at a later date without having to type or write the information. Explain what method of output would be best for each of the following situations and explain why? Hand held computers-The best method of output for a held hand computer would be a portable printer.

The printers are small and lightweight which would allow mobile users to print from a notebook or handheld computer. Color photograph- The best method of output for a color photograph would be a photo color printer. A photo color printer would produce photo lab quality pictures that can be used with digital cameras that store photos on media cards, disks, or through downloading from the camera to the computer via a cable. With a color printer the user would be able to have access to a hard copy photograph.

Resume-The best method of output for a resume would be to post a resume on the company’s website. Since email and internet access is used widely it would be the fastest and most flexible way to send, save or store a resume. Memorandum-The best method of output for a memorandum would be sending the memorandum via company email access. This will allow all parties instant access to the memorandum and provide them with the necessary information. Statistical report-The best method of a statistical report would be to use text editor.

This text editor is a simple general-purpose text editor similar to the Notepad application that is included with Microsoft Windows. The presentation view allows you to create presentation images and data that you can print or include in other documentations. Company annual report-The best method of a company annual report would be to save the report to a PDF file. If you have access to Adobe Acrobat installed on a computer, you can output the report for viewing and provide easier electronic distribution to other users.