Contemporary Information Technology - Essay Example

Contemporary Information Technology BY Antitank Information technology may be defined as all forms of technological devices used to create, store, exchange, and use information in its various forms. IT has grown significantly because of its ability to transfer and share information from one area/ location within a very short space of time.

Being the IT director, I would implement the use of laptops, smartness and possibly digital tablets to enable my sales force. Laptops can strengthen/enhance the connection between customers and the many since laptops is portable, making them easy to carry around for meetings which are essential any sales representative. It also enables a lot of information such as insurance policy, costing or even a product display to be shown to customers on the laptops.

Sales representatives can produce and show customer products information in the form of a digital display using power point presentation which would capture the customers attention and also it shows that a great amount of effort was placed into marketing and the company Rep are effective which could lead o the company being recommended by customers to various people, hence increasing sales force. The use of smartness (blackberry and Android) to communicate with customers and staff can also be Implemented to enhance communication.

Smartness can provide company reps with unique features like testing, emailing, video conferencing etc. Which provides easy, quick response feedback to any given situation. Appointment with customers can be stored on the smartened as a reminder and also an alarm can be set Just to make sure Company Reps don’t forget Customers. Smartness has a built In GAPS system which can assist Company Reps in finding their destination and can also allow customers to track products while shipping to see when It would arrive at said location.

Smartness can be a fundamental tool In saving time and money and Increasing sales. The introduction of digital tablets In the business world has grown significantly mainly due to the weight and self-sufficiency features. The Tablets has proven to be very Influential In terms of Its software development. “The Tablet Is then Integrated during he commercial path, the appointment preparation, the customer relationship, the notes taken, to the account reporting and Its dissemination. (Business Digital)The Tablet allows for the creation of data bases which can be created to store Information on present and potential customers as well as communicate with the office through emails. The visual display of reports can show how productive and efficient companies are. Contemporary Information technology can be used by the Insurance company, to enable the sales force by equipping company Reps to go out Into the arrest and Increase customer data base and revenue In the most effective and efficient manner maligning glitches that can cause the company to lose a valuable customer.