Cooking Technology - Essay Example

Just by selecting your preferred choice of food program your selected meal is then sent to an attached microwave system and in a matter of minutes your choice of food is done and ready to eat. The computer system would have programmable software that creates the food venues utilizing blob chemistry and photosynthesis written software language that signals the microwave system to mix the chemicals creating your food. The microwave systems Is a special oven that would have to be filled with fluid type absences to mix organic compounds and use the ultra violet rays to create the energy to complete the synthesized process.

This type of advancement with cooking technology would be sustainable in today and in future societies for many reasons. In today’s society it is not financially feasible for the wife or husband to stay home to be a homemaker. Due to our cost living increasing every day it now takes more than one income to sustain a decent living. Us having busier work schedules there is really no time to cook with such technological advancement it would have a huge impact on family allowing us to spend more time sitting an enjoying our food while bonding as a family.

We would also save In groceries and spend less time at the market because our food Is created by chemicals and software programs. No more utilizing gas resources for cooking so this can have a huge impact on economic and environmental effects. Restaurants and Fast Food establishments would benefit by not having to utilize huge commercialese ovens, cook tops and large refrigeration systems. They would also benefit by increasing the time it takes to serve a customer.

With such technological advancement in the cooking industry I am sure our society would have a huge political and governmental impact as we would have many politicians concerned about safety regulations and health concerns therefore involving our government agencies in creating safety regulations and passing laws with the FDA. From a woman’s perspective, I would personally look forward to this type of technological advancement as I picture myself rushing home from work and Just a SSH of a button “BAM”, dinner’s done honey!