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Data Ware House Technology - Essay Example

Data is the raw materials of any information system. With the revolution of Information Technology we are Improving our decision making process more quick and smart. Data warehouse technology Is the process of collection, sorting, structural formation, analysis, storing and presentation of data. So we say that data warehouse is the technology is overall data management system in the organization. In today’s business world we are facing huge competition. To secure enough profit we have no other way but to make most accurate decision quickly.

We take decision on the basis of information WE HAVE. So to take accurate decision accurately it is a pre requisite to have a smart system which can – * collect sufficient relevant Information * store and deliver data quickly analysis : present data accurately To solve the business need of those data management requirements a technology evolve which is known as data warehousing. How does It works? Data ware house technology has a system of extract data from operational system, these data then stored on historical snapshot basis.

Scalability: how my vendors deals with the data? Will it performed against required performance? Can the infrastructure handle the needs for different user even if they are working concurrently on this system? Agility: How do my vendors deals with the changing needs with mixed loads that include loading data while querying and returning right answer. Enterprise readiness: Are service of my vendors function always to keep my business running( even if in 24*7) . Is it deliver the security I need.

How the vendors re protecting disaster and fraudulent manipulation. There are some other things also we can consider : * Ease of Deployment * Cost of Up gradation Source : HTTPS://blobs. Oracle. Com/transgressing/entry/ data_warehouse_vendor_comparison_l data_warehouse_vendor_comparison_l Flexibility of the company How it take decision : When we think of take decision by using data ware house, we usually go through four main function of data ware house. They are: * Storing the data * Data extraction ; filtering * Quarry tools ; presentation tools.

Data store: The data store is repository where the data are kept to describe the characteristics of the data in data base. It is also linked with the transactional database if any modification of the transactional data will be updated as well. Data Extraction ; Filtering The data warehouse contains two main types of data: data extracted from the production database and data from external sources. The data extraction ; filtering tools are used to extract and validate the data taken from the transactional database and external data sources.

The warehoused data are not the duplicate of he working data. They are summarized and organized for analysis and query speed. Query Tool The data warehouse contains very vast data. However, the manager of any organization may only need definite portion of those facts. As a result, the query tools are used in the ADS database in order to retrieve the suitable and significant. The query tools deliver some queries and reports. To use the query tools, the manager has to know the facts of the query tools such as SQL (Structured Query Language), EJB (Query By Example) and many others.