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Digital Technology and Its Impact on Social Interactions - Essay Example

According to the study by the Stanford Institute for the Quantitative Study of Society (SISSY) (cited in Dixon 2005), there is a third America population who use the Internet frequently, spend less time with their family. Additionally, researchers at SISSY reported a connection between the usage of Internet and social isolation. In fact, this research also states that average access time which takes Internet users about three hours every day doubles the time of other things. For example, 8. 7% playing games, 6. 5% surfing and 4. % shopping (Dixon 2005). Not only that, 54% students survey (cited in Zaniest 2006) said that instead of going out, they spent time on using Internet. The above evidence showed that there is lack of social relationships so that people can be isolated by surrounding environment. Also, even if digital technology gave human beings to have great opportunities keep in touch each other, it could limit social interactions. For instance, one of the most advantageous using emails is that users do not need to meet others (Gannett 2006).

However, this kind of technology can not assist people to interact socially. As a result, the more technological developments we get, the more face to face communications we lose. Secondly, digital technology affects the quality of communications. Sewer (2005) asserts with advanced in technology such as Internet and email, people can connect to those who come from many different countries around the World. In contrast, he also claims that a lot of us have still suffered from social Isolation along with loneliness because of the rush and brevity of electronic exchanges.

This means that we can communicate and get In touch each there easier than ever before but we can be lacking in face to face interaction. According to research findings (cited in Zaniest 2006) indicate computer technicians are significantly less sociable than employees who do in office. This is because this group of labor force always works independently with a computer and no need for interacting other colleagues, therefore, they tends to be less able to communicate effectively. Indeed, Slaver (2005) states that It Is difficult for people to reveal their emotions as they used to.

Mobile phone and SMS message can not bring usefulness to the users in comparison with face to face interaction. The author gives the example of the question ‘How are you? , most of us receive a standard response flee’ instead of hearing the truth (Sieves 2005). It is likely to people ‘asking’ without asking because a text message Is too short to understand deeply. In other words, face to face communications are both warmer and more supportive than these electrical on communicating face to face but also declined the effectiveness of communication.