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Disadvantages of Technology - Essay Example

Why pen a window when we can quickly check the weather on our smart phones? Or why go to a library when we can search the topic on Google at the click of a button? Technology has opened a doorway to an easy and more convenient world. However, all of this easy access can ultimately result in a lazy lifestyle. Through electronics, some people may, in the future, hardly have to leave their houses. Online shopping, video coatrooms, and continuous news broadcasting are just a few of the various ways in which we can avoid having to go out In public to accomplish everyday tasks.

A recent survey accumulated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests that people aged 15-19 averaged SIX minutes of leisure reading a week, not including online reading. Also, the average person spends SIX hours of leisure time on some form of technology everyday. TLS data proves that our society has become obsessed with social media and messaging, and has turned away from stimulating activities like reading and outdoor recreation. Overall, technology has rewired the way we live. Whether it is beneficial of disastrous, we don’t know.

The technological industry is vapidly advancing itself; every day companies are working to satisfy hardware-hungry customers. We have worked it seamlessly into our lifestyles, without being knowledgeable about the precautions. A study compiled by university of North Carolina Chapel Hill researchers showed that the U. S. Total physical activity trends went from 235 hours per week in 1965 to nearly 160 hours per week in 2009. This detriment of bodily activity has been linked to the obesity epidemic in the United States, where nearly one-third of the population Is overweight.

Not only can using genealogy be harmful, but just being exposed to electronics can be fatal to your health. About 10 million people in the U. S. Suffer from ADD, which is a 400% increase in the last 20 years. Health problems such as cancer, brain tumors, autism, diabetes, chronic fatigue, hay fever and depression have been linked to the overexposure to technology. Cell phones, as well as social networking sites, are ways to make communication easier and faster. However, these forms of messaging and contact have been proven to deteriorate our human interaction skills.

This is because we are not able to see a person’s expressions and demeanor during a conversation, leading to an sense of Isolation. Because of the lack of our visionary senses, dialogue can become misinterpreted, therefore manipulating our social interaction with society. According to studies done by UCLA neuroscience Gary Small, technology can affect our actions during social situations: actions such as lack of eye contact, conversational skills, spatial awareness, and an Increased attention deficiency. Also, to make progress as a society and as an individual.

Now, because of the adaptations our world has become accustomed to due to technology, these skills have become less meaningful in our daily lives. Our society today has become so involved with technology, that it is easy to see the effects it can have on us. Increases in laziness, rising numbers in mental and physical disorders, and weakened of social skills are only a few of the issues that are heavily influenced by technology. However, technology may not be to blame, for the actions lie in the hands of mankind. Is technology the enemy, or is the enemy too much technology?