Free Sample: Does Technology make us better communicators? paper example for writing essay

Does Technology make us better communicators? - Essay Example

This way of communication has the advantage that distance disappears as we communicate with other companies almost Instantaneously all over the world, whilst e save time and costs, but it also has disadvantages such as the diversification of human relationships and security issues. Emails can be sent and received anywhere In the world and make sent Information accessible almost everywhere. Also an email can be sent at any time, unlike making business phone calls to a company in another country for example, where different time zones might limit the time frame during which the business partner is available.

Furthermore emails are sent Instantaneously and offer the possibility to request a delivery information for the sender and in addition can be stored or printed out as Ritter proof. It is the fastest was of written communication and it helps saving a lot of time as information is being sent back and forth. According to Geld (2003) all correspondence can be administrated on screen, replies to business offers can be written, revised, saved, and forwarded to other parties, all without masses of paper being involved.

In fact this makes it possible to save many costs that used to Incur before the Invention of this technology, such as expenses for paper, stamps, envelopes or even phenomenal. An additional advantage Is that some companies can advertise more effectively by sending the same email to many spiniest without having to write or print it out many times and put it in an envelope for each addressee. Moreover the excess use of paper is an environmental issue as well that can easily be resolved by taking advantage of this new technology which Is free of charge.

However, as the use of communication technologies increases, mindfulness and Interpersonal skillfulness seem to decrease. ?L’s Communication Technology (? )? Reported that technology Is a medium that helps communicating, but Is not synonymous with communication. Therefore the ability of communicating effectively with others does not Increase with he Improvement of Information technology. According to Baldwin and Flood (1996) no real face-to- face conversation takes place when communicating through other 1 OFF expressions, pauses, posture or body movement are absent in an email.

In addition certain differences might remain unnoticed, as the persons do not see each other while they communicate which can cause complications, such as cultural misunderstandings for example. In addition internet security is a widely known problem. Of course it concerns emails and even some companies? Entire computer networks as well. For instance ? Email Security Issues? (n. D. Reports that any email can easily be read by co-workers or computer service departments.

Furthermore personal information, such as email address, login name and even real name is compromised when people access websites of third parties through their email account. In the past there have also been many cases of computer viruses being sent in an attachment via email that caused minor and in some cases even major damages to computers or even entire networks. In conclusion the improvements of communication technology have a huge impact on the communication between people by making communication easier and faster and also a lot cheaper, especially concerning communication across countries or continents.