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E-Business Technology - Essay Example

System Essentials 1. A high-density optical disc format for data and high-definition video. Can store 70 times as much information as a CD. C. Blur-ray Disc 2. The value that networking brings to information is. A. Sartorially 3. A device which writes data on a magnetic tape. D. Tape drive 4. The total numbers that each byte can represent are. B. 256 5. The memory cells in a CPU are called as. B. Registers 6. The following range of numbers can be saved in a single byte A. -127 to +128 7. Following was an early networking system A. Sage 8.

A device used for rapid writing and reading of data from a special type of DVD. B. DVD;RAM Drive 9. The ALL performs two classes of tasks, which are? D. Arithmetic & Logical 10. DVD stands for D. Digital versatile disc 11. Super Computers can contain several C. Cups 12. A device which produces the output for the visual display unit. B. Graphics card 13. The CPU stands for A. Central processing unit 14. A discontinued competitor to the Blur-ray format B. HAD DVD 15. 1/0 stands for C. Input/output 16. A machines which manipulates data according to set Instructions B. Computer 17.

The initial start up Instructions of a computer are stored In the. C. ROOM 18. The element that enables a CPU to differentiate in information is D. Software 19. Following is the body of a computer. B. Motherboard 20. A flash memory data storage device integrated with a USB interface. A. USB Flash Drive 21 _ Each cell has a numbered. 8. Address 22. The ROOM contains the. A. BIOS 23. Which amongst these is an external bus controller. A. USB 24. Multi-tasking is sometimes also called as B. Time-sharing 25. Registers are generally used for A. Numbers 26. An outdated medium-capacity removable disk A.

ZIP drive 27. The magnetic core memory, used in computers in the asses was replaced by. A. Semi-conductor Memory 28. The range of registers that one can find on a CPU C. 2 to 100 29. In almost all modern computers, each memory cell Is set up to store binary numbers in groups of 8 bits called as. B. Byte 30. A computers memory can be viewed as a list of. A. Cells 31 . A medium term storage device C. Hard Disk 32. Software stored In ROOM is called as. A. Firmware 33. BIOS stands for A. Basic Input output system 34. Components which connect the CPU to expansion cards are called as.

C. Internal uses 35. RAM stands for C. Random accessed Memory 36. Flash memory Is always slower than. A. RAM 37. An outdated storage device consisting of a thin disk of a flexible magnetic storage medium. Used today mainly for loading RAID drivers. B. Floppy Disk 38. A personal computer has multiple. D. Physical Components 39. The following technology bus C. PC express 41 . Following is an example of volatile memory B. RAM 42. Following is an output device D. Monitor 43. The system which supplies power at adequate voltages to the motherboard is A. Power supply controller 44.

Following is an input device B. Keyboard 45. Distributing work across several computers is called as D. Multi-processing 46. In embedded computers all the required software can be stored in. C. ROOM 47. A popular type of removable media that is the same dimensions as a CD but stores up to 12 times as much information. It is the most common way of transferring digital video, and is popular for data storage. A. DVD 48. Devices that provide input & output to computers are called as. B. Peripherals 49. The task of running several programs simultaneously on a computer is called as. A. Multi-Tasking 50.