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Eco-friendly technology - Essay Example

CEO friendly technologies involved making use of alternative energy source which is abundant to generate renewable energy, reducing the amount of resource which Is emitted used through the conventional Like fossil fuel. Г? For example renewable resources like sunlight, sea water and co which are abundant generating alternative resource like befoul, solar energy, freshwater and air purification through greenhouse, vegetation and holography cultivation stabilize the degraded desert soil and as wind breaks reduce the impact of pollutants on the environment.

In some areas of green technologies such as water recycling and purification through natural less destructive renewable methods used for seawater in the dessert environment Is to burden with the waste while creating opportunity to produce various products afresh. These are also cheaper as well as using these waste materials recycle it in order to produce the new goods and products. This makes CEO technologies cheaper for the producer and manufacturer in the long run.

This is because though you may not see the savings right away when you start using sustainable technologies, you will realize that the money you save long term will be quite substantial. Using biodegradable materials can be advantage for the reducing waste and Impact to the environment and the human body. A These materials having multiples characteristic making electronics circuits, tiny, flexible, stretchable and capable of dissociable completely or partially enable us keeps our earth sustainable through reducing the amount of electronic waste polluting the landfill. ? Scientist like Professor John Roger and his working universities has announced making electronic component having environmentally safe electronics that also vanished In body and disappearing act,Г? being capable completely vanish or partially disappear benefit health and the environment possible opportunities improving lifestyle and our environment. Г? However, research and qualification and certification are required to get product approved.

Sustainable agriculture ensures that agricultural goods and products produced have fewer chemicals and are more organic whilst maintaining healthier soil quality and nutrients through various methods like recycling, rotating crops, composting replenishing nutrients and prevent pest through biological control Jute fiber is an example having many areas for use and leaving minimal waste and footprint to the environment.

The other benefits of knowing what CEO friendly technology are how waste is reduced to the environment. Г? Wars or method aging product that made from material preserved the environment and therefore does not degenerate at a fast rate is also CEO friendly. Г? This is because when there is less waste produces, during the manufacture or production of products and the energy used is renewable which is less stressful on the environment there is less pollution and polluting chemicals and other substances.

In summary, all the above brings beneficial to our environment through: ; Renewable energy Sustainable living Sustainable agriculture Sustainable environment One of the withdrawals of using CEO friendly technology is that it can be expensive to tart using this kind of technology. This is because you may have to overhaul the current systems that you have.

For example, if you would like to use solar energy in addition to electric or gas power then you will have to install a solar power system which involves solar panels, a storage battery and other components depending on the your needs and the kind of solar system that you would like to install. As the technology develops and becomes widely acceptable, what is CEO friendly technology is a question that many people will be able to easily answer. Г? However, time is need while often more researched need for monitoring the progress.