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Feasibility report - Essay Example

In this feasibility report, I will discuss the 3 main section of sunshine charities concert. These are the financial model, the car park model, and the advertising of the concert. I will discuss whether they are feasible or not. Financial Model Total Income The ‘Total income’ section is feasible in some ways but not so feasible in other ways. For example we do not know the exact number of people attending the concert. The financial model is based on a full house which is four hundred people. The prices of tickets are very feasible because we know the exact selling price for each type of ticket.

The sale of refreshment is very feasible. We know the exact selling price for the sale of one item because it includes eighty five percent profit and VAT which is needed. The only part that is not feasible is that we do not know how many refreshments will be bought. However, because the prices are low, I’m sure many refreshments will be bought if not all. The sale of one refreshment could be made easier to understand if the ‘including profit’ and ‘including VAT’ from it was separated into columns.

The sale of merchandise is feasible because we know exactly how much we are going to sell the merchandise for. However, if less people attend the concert, or less people buy the merchandise, then the total income will be reduced. However this is unlikely o happen as the merchandise is quite cheap and if people enjoyed the concert very much, they would want to have merchandise to remind them of the experience. Total expenditure The total expenditure section is very feasible because we know exactly how much we need to pay to produce or buy our products.

The buying refreshments section is feasible because we only need to pay  898. 72 in total whereas we will be getting about 1819. 91 in total. So we are making a profit of  921. 19, a huge profit! The buying merchandise section is also very feasible. This is because we will spend 1572 but receive more than 3000. This is a very huge profit. We will need to think about where we will put the stalls for merchandise and refreshments though. The ‘Total Profit’ predicted is  6,533. 41. Obviously, this result is the maximum and would probably be less at the actual concert.

Overall I believe the spreadsheet to be very feasible as we have considered and tested every possible expenditure and income possible. We have also seen that we should get a very high profit. Now we must make sure that we can receive money from our sponsorers to pay for all the expenditure. Failure to do so would wreck the whole concert! Car Park Model The car park model is very feasible because Flowol 2 is a good model of real life situations and shows how we need to program our car park computer. Here is a page from the Annotated Flowol Car park model.

As you can see it is very feasible because it is the exact program you will need to use when programming the real car park. The only thing that may not make this car park feasible is if the real program to be used is much more advanced or has different commands. Below is the mimic used to create the car park. As you can see it is a very good model and makes the car park much more feasible. In Flowol 2 when you run the program it actually shows the barriers going up and down e. t. c. This shows if the current program is working or not.

When making my program, I encountered a few problems. These were resolved by learning about the n function. Advertisements I think the advertisements area is feasible because we can afford to make posters of high quality. We would not be able to broadcast adverts on T. V because that would be way over our budget. However, we must make sure we have just the right amount of posters being produced. Failure to do so may result with very few people coming and therefore a loss. Below is the poster we have made. As you can see the bright and vibrant colours will attract people’s attention.

Also, the use of pictures will attract people’s attention. The logo we have made (below) is used on advertising. It is very eye-catching and uses bright colours. It certainly will stick into people’s minds and they will know that it is a sunshine charity logo. Overall, I think the advertising section is feasible. This is because the poster is of high quality which means that more people will be attracted to the poster and find out about it. Overall, I believe that his concert is feasible because we have feasible advertising, feasible financing, and a feasible car park.