Free Sample: Future Statement: Technology and Saving the Earth paper example for writing essay

Future Statement: Technology and Saving the Earth - Essay Example

For example, the car will drive to your house by itself according to your orders, the TV will choose the best aerogram and tell you what the Important news Is for you today. We will have no traffic jams because the cars will fly In the sky, you don’t need to drive them because everything Is automatic. On the other hand, when we get so many new things In our life, which will cause some problems In life. Maybe people will feel strange around other people, because we will hardly talk to one another.

We have known all of the answers by modern machines. We use the Internet to connect everything, however e need to consider that face expressions and physical touch are very important to human beings. This world is full of the benefits of technology, therefore we are sometimes depending on technology too much. For example, one person would not move from there household. He can order something to eat by telephone, he can also buy clothes by Internet. This kind of service is used delivery system, so he doesn’t need to move from his house.

This is one of benefits of technology called remonstration. Everything is going to change more in the next ten years than it has in the last hundred, so it’s difficult to think about 100 years in the future. To think about an indefinite future is very interesting. No one knows the world of 100 years in the future. I just guess about it, however, I think it will be better to live then than now. Therefore, we have to keep company with technology in a good way to save the environment, many creatures, and, of course, the earth itself.