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Future Technology - Essay Example

The future technology that our group decided on was The Safety Seat belt . This high tech seat belt is a very interesting product, it has many benefits and only some disadvantages. This settable Is guaranteed safety for everyone who uses it properly. This product consists of dir fit material with a microfiche coating with titanium weave in the torso area. It automatically adjusts to your width and height providing comfort an d safety.

It has a magnetic clip that is made within the chair which makes it relaxing it a automatically retracts so you won’t be bothered by that commonly annoying clicking noise. This design Is made very carefully ensuring this product will not tear, break or rip! We only use the best of materials such as the “dir fit material” which is mostly used in athletic shirts. This material has polynomial polymers they are a special crystalline substance that enables water (sweat) to penetrate the Interior surface.

One example I s Nikkei they use this specially designed material to prevent roughness/itchiness or irritation to the skin from sweat. It uses high performance to navigate the sweat away from your body and towards the surface of the fabric to make it as comfortable as eve re. We also use microfiche which is mostly used in dish towels/rags. I know you are probably asking “Why this material? Or Dish rags, seriously!? This fiber Is especially important because it absorbs sweat like the dir fit material but it adds a more comfy f to It.

This fabric Is also “cuddlier” than most normally used fabrics In seat belts or In NY other used car products. The last but not least used product Is the titanium weave which is a very structured material. This very important part of the belt is water and humidity resists NT, which commonly happens when you leave the window open on a humid/ rainy day. This product is a very durable material that lasts for years and years. All these resources/materials used in this extraordinary product are technologically advanced and not In any other product.

We personally test It ourselves to make sure everyone who uses it is safe as ever! This product is now going to be included in ever car In 2034 everywhere in the world. The Safety Seat Belt is going to help people all over the world. It is going to very effective in automobiles and help children not put it behind their heads. It will be a lot more comfortable on your neck for non irritating to drive. We will also hope that it does not leave red marks on your neck.