Green Technology - Essay Example

Industry is expansible for much of the contamination and the government has enforced strict regulation to swing it. Renewable Energy Sources Green living states that the world cannot rely on fossil fuels forever to power up homes, automobiles. And factories. Green technology Includes the conversion of renewable resources such as the sun’s light, wind and water energy that we can use solar panels, wind turbines; geothermal wells are examples of technological Innovations that can replace the need for coal and 011.

Renewable resources are listed below: * Wind power (wind energy mostly used to generate electricity * Solar energy- adamant light and heat from the sun * Geothermal energy- the heat from the earth * Hydro power- or power water Is power that derives from the energy of falling water, which may be harness for useful purposes. Biomass energy- plant materials and animal waste Global Warming Global warming Is when earth’s temperature Increase due to the effect of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide emissions from burning fuel or from deforestation, which trap heat that will otherwise escape from the earth.

By using less energy, you could lower the demands on power plants, which results in less pollution. Couple energy conservation with increasing your reliance on renewable energy sources, and you can minimize greenhouses emissions and help prevent global warming. Saving Money You can save a ton of money every year by going green according to Livingston. Com. For an example choosing a car that is CEO-friendly is a good starting point. The higher the cost of gas the more you save.

You can reduce utility bills by switching to compact florescent lights, keeping thermostats properly adjusted, and purchasing energy efficient appliances as your old ones wear out. Health Going green can improve you physical health too. For instance, you can walk or ride a bike opposed from driving to certain places. Also you can choose pesticide-free food and CEO-friendly household cleaning products to cut down on possible exposures to the cumulative effect of toxic chemicals by recycling properly disposing of old electronic devices and other potentially toxic waste.

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Effect on Businesses Going green is also good for businesses. Many consumers consciously select products and businesses based on how environmental friendly they are. Going green builds good will and represents a competitive advantage. Also, a business can reduce cost of adopting energy saving products and procedures. Companies can also qualify for tax incentives for making green choices Just as individuals can. Disadvantages of Green Technology Green technology is often touted for having numerous benefits for the Earth and it inhabitants; however there are also certain disadvantages to going green.

While living in an environmental friendly way can help to minimize certain factors associated with going green TTT can potentially be a drawback for those who adopt this type of lifestyle. Time Another disadvantage to going green is that it is extremely time consuming. Time is an issue with green living in two separate ways. The first is that adopting a green lifestyle can often be time-consuming for those who are fully committed to green living. For an example, you may choose to make your own beauty and cleaning products, which will definitely take time opposed from Just purchasing them at a store.

Growing your own fruits and vegetables are also time- consuming. Changing your light bulbs to compact fluorescent light can help the environment but it takes up to four months to pay the difference in their cost. Environmental Impact Going green can also have a negative effect on the environment. The development of alternative fuels is an innovation in the green movement in an effort to reduce reliance which is one example of a negative impact on the environment. This development of alternative fuels is an innovation in the green movement in an effort to reduce reliance.

The alternative fuel called EYE, actually released more ozone into the atmosphere than traditional fuel. While ozone is a natural part of the upper atmosphere, if it becomes concentrated in the lower atmosphere, it can potentially increase pollution in area where smog, which is a type of pollution in the air, is area. Advantages and Disadvantages for Businesses With rising energy costs and the threat of global warming, many businesses are now recognizing the benefits of using green technology to reduce their carbon footprint and to minimize waste.

However, there can be a number of disadvantages to going green for businesses. Disadvantages for some businesses: * Conversion Expenses-costly for a business to completely go green * Costly Product-products become too costly for consumers Lack of Support-entrenched bias towards the company that wants to go green * Going Paperless-importance of the use of paper in a business and the insurances of supplying everyone with a laptop. Customers Backlash- companies may intentionally or unintentionally make false claims regarding the environmental friendliness of their product, process known as “green washing”. If consumers become aware that a company is engaging in green washing the company may suffer harm to its credibility. With today’s society, we tend to favor convince; with an inclination to place speed and efficiency ahead of impact on limited resources.