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Health Care and Communication Technology - Essay Example

In the case of our example with the; “Brain Saving Technologies, Inc and the T- Health Institute: Medicine through videoconferencing, technology Is being used to fundamentally change how medical treatment Is delivered (O’Brien & Marks, 2011 From the perspective of a medical patient I would be completely fine being diagnosed by a medical professional “thousands of miles” away from me dependent on known variables about their training and what hypes of systems are in place by the organizations to ensure legitimacy in their work.

The type of communication technology used and how interactive it would be factors heavily into how I would feel about the diagnoses as a patient. In our book an example of how stroke victims are being aided with the usage of an innovative “Tell- HealthCare Solution” system where simultaneous audio and video with bidirectional videoconferencing that shows full color images would be something needed to build confidence Into the diagnosis for me (O’Brien & Marks, 201 1 If the teleconferencing ability wasn’t In real time and and did not offer a very Inactive experience I would not feel comfortable supporting the doctors findings.

Today’s computer capableness have options that could actually be used to diagnose patients as effective as being in a medical office. Think about being able to work with a world renowned specialist outside their location where you are talking in real time with a doctor who is a top specialist that’s not available in your market. I am of the belief that American medicine isn’t the worlds best, before this technology could work like online education by expanding access to better treatment to more people at much lower cost.

My expectations would be that the Doctors and medical facilities have instituted safe guards so that there is legitimacy in their work as well as great transparency as to how they came up with a particular diagnosis. I think my Initial expectation would be If the Doctor has used this method before and is there someone close, Like a physician assistant or lade who can provide a second pollen If I don’t except or feel comfortable.

Doctors and hospitals have to work to make sure people feel safe, and how to use the technology being offered as well. Doctors with whom you visit their office misdiagnoses all the time, so to not be open to how genealogy could be used to actually provide better service by linking hospitals, doctors, and research centers electronically so they can all communicate with each other would work for me as a patient.

The collaboration and communication will lead to more knowledge sharing which should benefit patients and doctors alike. There are so many professions where the application of better communication technology among the various members of that industry could be beneficial. Once particular Industry where a systems of linking technicians and specialist from across the world electronically where they can diagnoses problems through a video inference or some dealt communication platform/data sharing could be a auto mechanic.

Most cars today all have Internal computers and are made with parts from technology like how we pair our phone with Bluetooth but have where our cars get paired and when that’s being done a diagnosis is being done. A mobile vehicle assessments using the technology today is limitless with wife options where access to a vehicles mainframe could be possible from remote locations. Currently systems like on star can detect when a car check engine lights on or is idle, so adoption of this genealogy to work to better allow for servicing of vehicles could be a game changer.

The value provided from being able to link auto mechanics and vehicle repair specialist from all over using communication technology life wife to read what’s going on within a car could be marked as a time saving tool as well as a method of protection of consumer fraud. For example, let say I have my car diagnosed and run a scan where I would link my phone to the car and some manufacturer’s hotshot that could give me a complete diagnosis of my vehicles damage and a listing of service providers available.

Virtual repair service could be marketed as a fraud protection device to draw business, a consumer shopping guide so that people can shop prices of repairs. Imagine a videoconferencing system that can track where you need to film as well and confirms the data on the needed repairs based on data received and a visual inspection using your phone or at some “scanning” facility which would be significantly less than the dealer. My proposals would be to offer lower cost vehicle diagnosis from your phone or through the cars internal computer and our device that’s links to the PC of the vehicle.

The advantages offered to health care and health professional with the incorporation of a larger role for IT within the medical establishment has limitless potential. IT usage within the healthcare profession is at its infancy and changes as a result of innovation are a constant. Technology can improve health care in several ways and many well known companies such as GE are major players within this market. GE has a entire division called GE healthcare whose focus is to “improve patient care by offering medical imaging, medical diagnostics and advanced patient monitoring systems (Milkshake, 2009).

The usage of IT in specific areas of the health care are with areas such as picture imaging where companies like GE in India are using a program called Eccentricity for picture archival and communication systems for clinical images needed for medical review as well as clinical information for better patient care (Milkshake, 2009). IT can’t assist with better claim management through automation which will lead to faster turn around times for patients on treatment and second opinions, electronic medical records and provide data for other value added service to improve health care and lower cost (Milkshake, 2009)