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Health Information Technology Paper - Essay Example

We have Nurses Practical Nurses One that can provide the services our patients and residents need in a compassionate and caring environment. Whether It is enhancing clinical skills, developing leadership capabilities, or providing strong foundations for career development. We Have (RAN) – Registered Nurse Use strong physical assessment skills and mastery of fine nursing principles to manage a range of acute care and rehabilitation patients. They develop and Implement Individualized care plans for patients while assisting with orientation and supervision of nursing staff.

Of Course he administrator who plans, organized, direct, and control the operations of a nursing home or its equivalent (other long-term personal care facilities with or without nursing services) based on policies established by the owner or governing board. We also have the Support Services which are adult day care, meal programs (like Meals-on-wheels), senior centers, friendly violators programs, help with shopping and transportation, help with legal question, bill paying, or other financial matters. The way we access Health Information is by Paper Medical Records and Electronic Records.

The paper records are accessed through medical records clerk in medical records by giving the name and DOBB. The Electronic Records are accessed with a system named Phantasmagorical, threw Genesis Healthcare. There are plenty of systems they used In the facility but Polycarbonate Is the system that Is used threw out the whole building. In different department and everybody Pontificate is different. They use a system call E-discharged for referrals that are sent from the hospital to the facility regarding a patients clinical information of a patient who either needs long-term care or short-term care needs.

They also use a system called (RIM) – Intake Referral Management where referrals are sent straight to the facility for patients that either need help with long-term healthcare or short-term healthcare. Some of the computerized physician order entry (COPE), and nursing system and finance system. I would classify this system based on the description of my Him interviewer is Clinical Support. The functions of this system as explained by my interviewer was that the purpose is to have good time management on all of their work and system, getting information at a fast pace and a safe and secure system to protect attain information.

The system doesn’t connect/interface with other systems, the system is not user friendly you need a surname and password to login and everyone Pontificate is different depending on their department. This system is very secure, they have vendors to support the maintenance and updated of the systems, especially Genesis Healthcare does have to call their 1-800 number. The strengths of their system is time efficient, communication is clear, its visual to everyone that uses it, give automatic updates, on a patient or if the department updates anything.

The Pontificate HER platform provides an integrated approach to the management of long-term care. By connection clinical, billing, and administration processes across a single, web based platform, information is only entered once, duplicate documentations avoided, staff have more time to spend with residents, errors are reduced, and RUGS are optimized. The templates are completely customizable, they provide consistent, complete, and accurate data. The notes for similar types of exams will appear to be standard and similar, each click adds data elements to the database.

Point and click systems create data that can be used to enervate clinically useful reports, such as health maintenance reminders and disease management. One of the major advantages of template-based charting is the speed with which it can make the document available as a medical record. Since notes are created within the EMMER, they are available immediately upon completion. There are weakness of the system it takes more time and definitely more concentration for a physician to navigate through a large data set and create progress notes using phenomenological templates.

Templates must by customized per the physician’s requirement, customization can be inflexible and costly. Templates are well-accepted by only tech-savvy doctors, any approach requiring direct data entry by the physician has generally failed because busy providers reject it altogether. The output form these templates is too canned and identical, it loses individuality for each patient. It is difficult for a provider to capture a complete patient encounter on a computer in front of a patient.

I learned a lot details about planning, design, implementation, and maintenance of the system. The technology section for the long-term care organization reaches beyond software evaluation. Considerations of implementation, training, and support are usually important for holistic care provider solution. Pointlessness’s resources in these critical areas ensure immediate and strategic client success. Implementation services are certified industry experts deliver the best-practices of nearly 5,000 implementations.

Dedicated account teams form a strong relationship between Pontificate and our clients proven methodologies remove risk On-demand and on-site implementation and training offers flexibility in delivery and investment, adoption will ultimately drive the success of any technology. Pointlessness’s thorough training programs, delivered onsite, online, or through the application, arm users with the skills to use Pontificate on day one: A combination of onsite, web, and on-demand training programs for end-users.

Credentialed industry and product expert trainers dedicated to client success during and post-implementation. Ongoing subscriptions for retraining existing or new staff. Support Services are when it comes to technology, your business can’t afford to wait for assistance. Pointlessness’s highly responsive, regionally-dedicated support teams and technical account managers TAMS) get clients the answers they need, when they need them. Pointlessness’s support organization prevents interruption to operations, freeing clients to focus on their core business: get answers quickly with regular and emergency support types.

The right support at the right time with 3 tiers of problem escalation regionally dedicated teams understand and can provide solutions to localized issues. On- Demand resources (Customer Resource Center) provides end-user support directly within the application. I found that the system Pontificate is very secure and organized HER, and the Pontificate is adding more customers per month than any other vendor on the market. That’s because their web-based solutions are uniquely designed to help long-term care providers of all sizes manage the complete lifestyle of resident care.

From pre-admission to discharge, our integrated approach to ERR streamlines clinical, MEDS, billing, and administrative processes with maintenance-free software that is as robust as it is easy to use. Some of the key strengths where that they provide consistent, complete, and accurate data. The weakness of the system were that It takes more time?and definitely more concentration?for a physician to vegetative through a large data set and create progress notes using point-and-click templates.