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How Does Technology Influence Our Daily Lives - Essay Example

The only defining factor is how people use technology. Nevertheless, I would rather support the idea that technological inventions serve predominantly good purposes. It is really hard to point out the areas where technological achievements have been the most spectacular. Therefore, the present work will focus on three sectors: nuclear technology, Internet and medical applications. Since nuclear power’s earliest discovery as a theoretical principle, and later as practical applications, methods, equipment and devices, this exceptional breakthrough has played a great role in our lives.

The only large-scale and applicable alternative to fossil fuels for generating electricity is the nuclear power. Despite their numerous flaws, Naps ( Nuclear Power Plants) are so widespread around the world, that without them huge regions in the globe would be left in darkness and silence. Scientists have put enormous efforts into modernizing and mastering not only the principle of nuclear fusion and fission, but also Into the whole equipment and machinery behind. Such problems as nuclear waste disposals, contamination, natural disasters, etc. O not deter people from relying on this reasonably-priced energy source. Moreover, an easily accessible and attracted-priced energy source is of great significance for vast, overpopulated but poor world regions, as it contributes to developing these areas to achieve higher living standards. Even though there are many issues with nuclear power production and waste management, I believe It will remain a desirable source of energy In the future because of its reach and application. Believe that the developments and discoveries in medical sciences, appointed to saving human lives, improvement of quality of life and expansion of the fiestas, are the greatest and most noble achievement The discovery of X-ray methods gave doctors the opportunity to look inside the human body and know exactly where surgery is needed or see the broken bones. Furthermore, another crucial breakthrough Is lazar technology which made bloodless operations possible and dramatically shorten De the recovery period of patients.

The MR. , ultrasound and computer tomography all provide a unique chance to observe and analyze pathogenic tissues, cells, tumors, the fetus growth, and make extremely complex heart and brain surgeries more accessible. The outstanding combination of medical and engineering research gave the world unbelievable access to sub-cell processes, the discovery of the human genome and DNA structure. This has widely opened the doors for fundamental genetic research, expectancy of humans.

Here it is a point to mention one extraordinary latest discovery in medicine- nanotechnology, and one special application- Quantum Dots. Combined with the knowledge about the human genome, this high-tech method gives a reliable tool for fighting different types of cancer. Firstly, Sq can spot and trace very small tumor formations, even separate tumor cells by marking them in different light from the spectrum. Later, all the tumor cells and tissues emitting fluorescence are traced and consequently, being destroyed with the help of similar tots.

Such Sq are charged with miniature laser source inside, encapsulated safely and put into the blood stream. When detecting the tumor cell or tissue, a laser impulse is emitted, and within the tumor cell it is transferred into heat which destroys the tumor without harming the healthy cells. ( Wood, 2004). Another fascinating application of nanotechnology is the so called polymeric micelles, which can help the efficient delivery of drugs directly into cells and tissues. These compounds have much greater tissue penetrating power, more controlled drug release and are less harmful.

This recent discovery gave doctors a great hope to make fine cure on cell and tissue levels and make treatments much more effective and less invasive. Computer invention and development, combined with one of the greatest achievements in the modern technological world – the Internet, have really changed the nature of contemporary communication and ways of doing business. (Passion Computing, 2012) The discovery of computer principles and construction is also connected to the name of a scientist with Bulgarian roots – John Automatons, who is considered a person with great contribution to this breakthrough.

Computer genealogy gave people the opportunity to make mathematical calculations with immense speed and accuracy never seen before. The following developments such as the ability to solve complex technical, technological and scientific problems; obstreperousness’s and trends in business; transmitting and transferring information to each and in any point of the world, – changed completely the way of thinking and working in our globalizes world. The first one is undoubtedly education.

This area has benefited greatly from modern high-tech inventions. First of all,students have the option to search quickly and easily information on the Internet bout their academic studies, written assignments and coursework, numerous projects and multimedia presentations. The variety of options in visualization and graphical applications expanded the usage of visual aids and the ability to interpret, discuss and predict different trends in the processes under study and research.

Another great advantage is given to education by the chance to share, exchange and communicate new ideas, discoveries and suggestions with professors and colleagues. (Lewis H. 2009) This way, it became possible to make panel discussions, conference talks, even to take exams and tests during distant learning courses. These developments augmented immensely the boundaries of education and provided opportunities for lifelong learning and continuous training and qualification for professionals of all walks of life.

The access to virtual libraries, databases of knowledge, archives and other sources of stored information made it possible to attend a university or course in a really distant location, and get your diploma without even being physically at the educational institution. Another area with great of modern business deals changed dramatically due to modern methods. (Passion Computing, 2012). Nowadays, making a complex deal and trade, even an export of goods, is possible without moving away from the office.

All the necessary documents, contracts, invoices, specifications and licenses can be transferred over the Internet, all the changes can be negotiated the same way within a couple of days. Moreover, the shipment documentation can also be transferred online and even opening of the Letter of Credit, money transfer and other payments can be done online by a service bank. What is more, huge projects with many drawings, schemes, charts and graphs can be exchanged over the net, and even great architecture projects can be made by international teams based in several countries.

The world of money is also of great use from the Internet. Huge funds may be transferred from one bank to another with just one click of the button. This development saves efforts, time and makes the modern business payments easier than ever before. All these deals are accompanied by the problems with data security, illegal access to database, fraud problems and abuse CO personal data, but the work and efforts never stop to resolve these issues. Last but not least, we have to mention the sphere of manufacturing and production.

Internet and computerized methods of processing metals, plastics, cotton and textile, leather, vegetables and fruit, gave the greatest ever advancement in producing all the necessary goods and services for the life of modern humans. We are now able to create complex telescopes, planes, spaceships and equipment to explore the processes in space and Universe, and maybe to find a new planet for humanity to settle and develop in the future. To put it in a nutshell, advanced technology is an integral part of our modern life and will be even more important in our future.