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How Has Technology Impacted the Global Business Environment? By Bill Faulkner, oho Contributor Share Print this article Globe Technology has had a tremendous impact upon the global business environment. Communication, transportation and production efficiency are various areas of business which have been enhanced by the development and Improvement of technology. As continual enhancements are made, the world continues to “grow smaller” and businesses have further reach than ever. There People Are Reading The Business Benefits of Information Technology The Impact of Technology on a Business Environment . Computers o The most Important technological development to impact the global business environment Is the world of computers. There are various programs which help malting records of Inventories and shipments. Email allows for Instantaneous communication almost anywhere in the world. Besides its speed, email is easily forwarded and retained. The communication in the global business environment is improved with the use of email.

The impact of computers on the global business environment is wide-ranging and also includes the Internet, which is a useful tool for international companies. By using the Internet, companies across the world can perform research and learn more about partners and suppliers. 2. Conference Calls and Video Conferencing o Conference calls allow people in multiple locations to be involved in the same conversation. Video conferencing provides the same service, but with the added benefit of all parties being able to actually see each other.

Both of these forms of communication have a definite Impact on the global business environment. With either form of technology, a parent company In Norway can have a conversation with a raw material supplier In Brazil and a manufacturing plant In Taiwan. This Improves communication on a global scale and enables all parties to understand specific plans and agreements. O Sponsored Links 0 Smallest size GAPS module 1 1 . Ex. 1. 5 mm and low power at amah which designed for hand-held system www. F- tech. Com. Two 3.

Transportation business, but particularly those with an international scope. Transportation technology enables a company on one continent to send its raw materials or products to another company in a different continent. Technological advancements in airplanes, cargo ships and railways allow for quicker, cheaper delivery, which impacts business by making global distribution more feasible. Manufacturing Technology o Increased efficiency of manufacturing plants has a certain impact on the global business environment.

By having the capacity to produce materials and products more quickly and efficiently, a company is able to produce quantities needed to supply global demand. Robotic technologies and factory lines have enhanced the speed at which materials and products are manufactured. For a company to be a player in the global business field, it must be able to keep up with demand. Shipment Tracking Corporations now have the ability to track shipments virtually anywhere across the world.