How Often Do We Use Technology And Modern Conveniences - Essay Example

How often do we use technology and modern conveniences? Modern conveniences are of everyday use and many people could not function without them, they have become essential on the day-to-day and many people could not get by without them. Also now a day’s a phone has become an extension of Individuals, a vital tool to be able to even get through the day, a chain not many know the bare. In the actuality people are far too dependent on technology and modern conveniences; modern nonviolence are used dally and technology has become a whole generation’s enslaver.

During a day how many modern conveniences does a regular person use? During the morning some would use a blender, toaster, coffee maker, stove, etc. Then comes the evening the dishwasher Is used, the laundry machine and dryer, the microwave to heat lunch, etc. Everyday people rely heavily on these appliances unconscious of it: then come the greater evil: technology. On average a person spends up to 3. Years f their life staring at a phone screen; some people can’t find their way around without their GAPS, can’t communicate with others, inform themselves, etc. People are oblivious to their reliance and dependence on technology and appliances, and oversee their impact on their lives. Without such inventions our lives would be entirely different; if such privileges were, for some reason, whipped out many would not know how to survive. The dependence of technology and modern conveniences now a day’s is a frightening characteristic of modern society.