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How Technology Affects Us - Essay Example

I agree that the pod has affected most of us. This is because every single day, there are a handful of people that upgrade to the new phone; any other phone, or MPH device looks outdated in front of the touch, and [phone. Most owners of the phone use it for everything, such as checking email, morning alarm, favorite music, etc. Therefore, it’s almost impossible for most people to keep their hands off of it when needed. In other words, if you get a new email In the middle of English class, it will be tempting to find out who It was, so some may pull out and check It.

Most likely, after that, they will be tempted to reply, making them further and further detached from the class discussion, and therefore, learning less material. It Just becomes a habit for most people. As Sullivan states, there are now 22 million Pod owners in the united States. ” In fact, my own father, originally born in India, was asking me about the new phone and even he is considering upgrading to that from his Blackberry. Since many people are now living vicariously through their phone, they are clueless to what is happening in society.

However, although many people may already be doing this, there is a solution to stopping the society from changing due to the phone. Since it’s very difficult to leave your phone at home and go somewhere, I believe it would be beneficial for people to just keep a very basic phone with them everywhere they go, instead of the phone. If you have a basic phone, there Is absolutely no need for an phone because an Touch can do everything an Phone can, except make calls. This way, you can put the Pod down for a while, since you don’t have to worry about issuing out on an Important phone call.

In other words, keep the pod In your room, or in your car so it’s not always with you, and that way you’re not tempted to keep looking at it. Also, if you do this, there will be a balance because you wont have your pod with you at all times. This way, you can still use your pod when needed, but at the same time, you are aware of what’s going on around you and in society. Therefore, the best solution is to keep the pod in your room if you only use it for alarm, checking weather, etc. If you use it for music, then keep it in your car.

In general, there’s no reason to have it at work, or in school since you have the option of keeping a basic phone with you at all times. In conclusion, it’s best to keep the pod/ at one spot. Overall, the people getting influenced the most with new technology (pod) are the people that can’t set it down even for a second; they need It for every little part of their lives. Therefore, the Pod Is not directly negatively affecting all of us, but rather only the people that can’t have enough of It.

Some people know when to set it down and turn it off, and those people are most likely well aware of what’s going pod has such a drastic change in some people is because all your answers can be solved, right in the palm of your hands, making it unnecessary to ask the people around you. People don’t need to ask each other for directions, turn to their huge desktop computers, or even call their relatives because everything can be done nonverbally with the phone. That is the main reason why it’s affected the people that are too absorbed into their pod.