How Technology Has Affected Businesses - Essay Example

How Technology has affected Businesses by Leigh Gloves Analyzing an article addressing organizational practices J. Dodd MGM Organizational Behavior Professor: Dir. B. Kenyon June 1, 2013 How Technology has affected Businesses As technology rapidly changes, so does our world of business, as well as how we conduct business. Today’s organizations are very different than decades past, due to economic pressures and high-tech breakthroughs.

Just as the App has enhanced deiced practitioner’s expertise, as specified in Winning Practices, the changing workplace is driven by organizational issues and enabled by technologies that support mobility and easy access to information. The following article examines how the Integration of technology into businesses has Impacted several distinct areas such as diversity, ethics, and organizational structures. Diversity bridges the gap between organizational life and the reality of people’s lives. The lasting success of any business calls for a diverse body of talent.

Gloves (2009) states that, “technology can be directly or indirectly attributed to diversity issues” (‘1 7). The benefits of a diverse workforce are the talents which employees from different backgrounds, outlooks, and abilities bring to the workplace. Technological advances have even affected the distinctive area of unrelated morals and beliefs known as ethics. As technology is integrated into the workplace, “new ethical challenges have emerged that both employers and employees must face” (Gloves, 2009, 9).

It is evident that with emerging technologies, arise several new ethical concerns for employees and employers. To contest these potential Issues, clear ethics policy and training are necessary. With proper Instruction and training, employees can learn that ethical reasoning means doing what Is morally right, even In the face of Influential requirements. The way business is conducted these days is greatly influenced by technology. A major factor that impacts organizational structure is company growth through proficiency.