Free Sample: How Technology Impacts Family Interaction paper example for writing essay

How Technology Impacts Family Interaction - Essay Example

Technology has taken place of family’s routines; however, for many families it has completely altered their life. It used to be people woke up took a shower, brushed their teeth, put the kids on the school bus and picked up the newspaper. Now the first thing they do Is check their e-mail. Title of Paper Gets Repeated Here Exactly As It Appears On Title Page Here begins the body of your paper and your Introduction section. Note that the title of your paper appears at the top of your introduction even though other sections begin with headings like “Method”, “Results” and so on.

The rest of the text in this template provides hints about properly generating all the parts of your PAP- formatted paper. PAP style specifies that major components of the paper (abstract, body, references, etc. ) each begin on a new page with the heading centered at the top of the page. The body of the text Is typically divided Into sections with headings such as Method, Results, and Discussion (as you can see at http:// www. Epistyle. Org/manual/related/sample-experiment-paper-l . PDF if you wish). Some papers have multiple studies in them so the body could have multiple sections ND subsections within it.

Sections can be further divided into subsections with headings. An example Is a Method section divided Into Participants, Materials, and Procedure subsections. Unlike In earlier editions of the PAP manual, the sixth etalon tells you to bold headings (but not the title above or anything on the title page). Below are examples. Heading Level 1 Heading Level 2 Heading Level 3 (Note the Indent, Bold and Period). Heading Level 4. Heading Level 5 (Let’s Hope You Never Have to Get to Level 5 or even Level 4). Citations and References he text of the paper) and references (which are listed in their own separate section at the end of the paper).

Remember that you can find a lot of answers to formatting questions with a careful online search. But when you’re looking at information online, you may want to evaluate the information you’re reading by considering where the information is coming from, whether the information might refer to an older edition of PAP format and whether other online sources agree with the information you’ve found. When in doubt, follow the latest edition of the PAP manual. About a References Section An example of a References section is located further down in this template.

Note that PAP uses the “hanging indent” style for references. The easiest way to create hanging indents is to type each reference without worrying about the hanging indent. Then, when you are finished, select all the references at once (and nothing else) and apply the hanging indent. Many PAP format rules are not mentioned or demonstrated in this document. If PAP formatting is driving you crazy and you’d like a distraction, how about alleviating people’s suffering with a simple click? The Hunger Site (http://www. Authenticity. Com/) is Just what Wisped says it is.