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How Technology Influences Communication - Essay Example

Technology influencing Communication- Alongside our culture of the first world, we experience new forms of technology every day. They are constantly developing further In order to make our lives easier, and furthermore allowing us to discover new WAP of communicating with family and friends all over the world. With recent day technology, we are able to communicate with those on the other side of the world, even with language barriers or with those who don’t speak the same language as us.

This opens up many doors to humans’ all over the world, who are being introduced to and are experiencing new cultures, languages and customs all from he safety of their home. Antoine Barney, a French man who developed the telephone in 1923 pioneered the constantly growing world of communication inside technology, probably without even knowing Just how far his invention would expand. It took people of the 20th century time to become accustomed to new way of communicating, but also to learn how to use the phones. After a few years of mobile phones being introduced, they became a major hit within the developed world.

Since then, technology has boosted and sparked many new Inventions in regards to forms of communication as It strives to reach another level. Thanks to the use of telephones ND mobiles, people all across the Oceans were able to communicate quicker and important Information was received faster. After the appearance of computers laptops and the internet, virtual and internet communications grew into an even bigger success. However, media communication is an entirely different way of communicating in the way that it barely is an actual form of connecting with another human being.

The new form of media communication changed the way society works together, forever. This meant that people didn’t have to be so conscious of the signals they would send out when face to face communicating; their gestures, posture, face expressions, hand signals and energy couldn’t be detected via the internet or on the phone. Communication In technology needs to have both a sender and a receiver in order to work- people need to make sure that the message they are sending out Is clear, however there are always barriers such as misunderstandings and misinterpretations.

We are currently experiencing the world during the “electronic age”. With inventions such as telephones, the television and the computer, the technological world created one global city in which everyone was directly linked through technology. George Greener stated that television was the dominant force in having modern society. He claimed that people living in a community with very little or even no violence, if they watched a lot of television they are likely to see their community as more violent than it actually is.

This theory was formed form the results of his own research, the basic idea being: the more you watch TV, the more it shapes your perceptions of reality. Greener also stated that the ways in which people communicated with others were influenced by a social paranoia which was created through and by the media. He looked at how the media used their influence to maintain the “status quo”, through which some cultural groups have power and others do not. This Is one of the negative effects that technology has on communication. Entry more than ever before. Culture has begun to be learned through communication, which would of been made possible without the use of technology. Technology has shaped all aspects of human history and activities, suggesting that communication is mostly influenced by technology and culture. Culture is unchanging, however technology (and forms of communication) is still developing at an extremely rapid rate, moving faster and further than we could of ever imagined.