How to use technology wisely - Essay Example

You just turn it on and watch it. If you want to go to Bangkok by plane or by train. You just open the airline website, choose your favorite seat and you can buy the ticket immediately. Your teacher or in your case student want you to present about their lesson. You Just go to Google and search “What is part of speech? ” something like that. You will get a lot of information you want. On the other hand, everything has two side good and bad. When technology makes your world smaller, It can make your world become worse as well. It depends on the user.

If the user used It In the Incorrect way, you could become the killer such as you use the cell phone to be the transmitter of the car bomb. Some boy Is crazy about the fighting game computer. He plays It all day and all night so he can not separate between game and real world. Then become the real killer in the real world. Technology can make the world become smaller but in the same time you have to agree that it can really make the gap between human relationships become wider as well. In this period, we have a wireless phone.

We can kook in the fireflies. The car has Kyle’s and the food is battles. But our feeling is becoming heartless. The babies have to grow up fatherless. The education is valueless then our relationship will be finally meaningless. In contrast, you can donate your money , by using ATM, for people in Copied, you can save more than hundred hunger’s life. Finally, I believe the best way to used technology wisely Is let technology show Its benefit by using only In the good way and who knew maybe you can become the hero who save the world with technology.