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Human and Technology - Essay Example

Technology Is a major part of the way us humans live now. Many medical appliances are technology and they keep us alive. Technology has made many miracles happen not just in the medical field, but also in many other fields. The army has the technology to send a nuclear missile halfway across the world without leaving their seat in front of the computer screen. It is pretty scary to think about how much technology can do. Technology has improved our lives and has also made it much easier to live.

Technology Is the best thing that has ever happened to mankind. Without technology the human race would be nowhere as advanced as we are right now. Technology has helped us learn new things, it has helped us defend ourselves, and it has helped us to survive! If you look around, you will see that technology is everywhere. No matter where you are there will always be some sort of technology around you. Is this a good thing? I believe that this is a great thing. I believe this because Imagine life without technology. The human race would still probably be stuck living in the Middle Ages.

Personally, I use technology all of the mime. Technology has made my life a whole lot easier and simpler. For example, the other day I didn’t know the name of the man who won Gold for the U. S. In the Men’s Sleeplessly. All I had to do was search something on Google and what do you know, I found him. My question was answered within ten seconds by using technology. Now If I didn’t have any technology It would’ve taken me much longer to fold out what his name was because I would’ve had to find and ask someone who knew his name. Much of my life is controlled by technology.

Many can argue whether or not all of hose technology advancements are good or not, but I truly believe that all of this technology that we now have is the best thing that has happened and that will ever happen to mankind. Thanks to technology, we have been able to make many advancements In life. Technology has improved our living, our health, and our safety. Technology has improved our living because it keeps us entertained. Thanks to technology, whenever we get bored we can now Just hop on technology and play Oxbow with friends. We can talk to them while we play and have a fun time without having to leave the house.

We also now have amazing phones that can almost do everything for us. We are able to call friends or people In times of need. Danger. Or If we just want to talk. Don’t forget that we can Google search anything and it will have an answer in less that a second. Technology also improved our health because we now have the technology to keep someone alive while being operated on. We can do open heart surgery sand the patient would not die (hopefully) due to blood loss, unless the doctor screws up. Technology also made it possible to have laser eye surgery which can make someone have 20/20 vision again.

Technology can perform miracles. Lastly, technology keeps us safe. Our army has predator drones that are being piloted inside an army base with a remote, and that is pretty amazing. Eventually, we might not even have to send fellow Americans Into war because we could Just do all of the fighting from Inside the army base. Technology is a pretty amazing thing and it has improved our quality of Technology may Just be the most important achievement in the history of mankind. Not only has it made our lives easier, but it has protected us, saved us, and even kept some people from dying.

Our lives may be completely surrounded by technology, but that is a good thing. Technology is what got the human race to where they are now. Look at how much more advanced we are than earlier times of the human race. We have tablets that we can touch and write things for us. I wrote this all on my pad. It goes to show how cool and useful technology is. Without technology we would be nowhere right now. People would still be struggling to survive and live a good life. Technology is the best thing that has ever happened to mankind, and I thank technology for getting us to where we are now.