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This article is about the impact of the Internet and information technology on business and human resource management and tries to important innovations and (possible) changes in the levels f staff motivation and leadership styles may review and discuss consistency between the organization and the Job. To realize these changes, we first describe the current status (employee motivation and leadership )and then briefly discuss the possible future orientation.

Finally, by combining elements of human resource management, we try to make substantial gains that information technology practices, and ways to reward employees for new employees used to predict. The Internet, our lives have transformed the ways of communicating with others. Basically, the Internet all Aspects of human society too have changed. In recent years, the importance of Internet and information technology – both commercial space and private space – has considerably increased (especially with the increase of Internet users and Internet service increases).

Without a doubt, the staff and their work environment, Job design, work conditions and many other things have been affected by the Internet and Information technology. Key words: technology management, considerably, Information, human INTRODUCTION Because trade In people and knowledge as they are the most vital asset, It Is obvious that every company should be aware of It and Is ready to accept new changes. Knowledge and understanding of the new orientation, not only for IT 1 professionals is necessary, but managers should also be aware of them.

The aim of this paper is to provide some methods for companies Who are empowered to adapt to the changes ahead of insight Dynamic and responsive to the current and emerging challenges, Companies today can survive for long periods insure. The purpose of this paper is to examine the positive and negative effects of the Internet and information technology in relation to human resource management, in particular to find new employees, motivating and leading them.

To study the changes and their effects first and then briefly describes the current situation; we examined the possible future directions. Second, by combining elements of human resources management, we are working on ways to reward the main results that the IT staff and the ways in which new employees are used to predict. This article has been adjusted in accordance with the procedures specified in Part II, is the subject of the impact of information technology and the Internet on some of the duties of the staff have been proposed and some of the results of the covers.

In the third part, the major opportunities that can help your organization to the new situation – both in the workplace and within the organization – Reconcile, is examined. Internet and IT The number of Internet users in 2000 was more than 30 million forecast Is the number for 2005 is approximately one billion people), one-third of America’s economic growth in the range of 1996 to 1999, relates directly to the Internet. Now, more than 2 billion web pages and more than 17 million “domainВ» (DOMAIN) recorded there.

These facts suggest that the Internet is more than anything a significant impact on how, why and when and where people work there. The greatest impact of the Internet and information technology in the class of educated, skilled and interested in success, especially those from the series that regularly deal with ‘CT. Since, people educated, skilled and interested in the success of the organizational hierarchy are employed in positions and therefore a greater impact on the overall success of the organization, we also need to focus their attention on the impact of the Internet on the Group’s employees.

The ultimate benefit of utilizing the Internet to find new employees, finding and keeping them, when we lack basic labor market for highly skilled individuals, it becomes even more important. Using the Internet for recruitment Research in America (over 500 websites for international companies in 2000 were among the most profitable companies), have shown that 79 percent of the company, widely used on the Internet to search for new employees. Item 1998 2 http://ephemera]renal. Mom/ compared to 2000 as well as statistical data show that in 1998, 29% of companies have used the Internet for recruitment. The main advantages of using the Internet to circuit new staff include: 0 Spend less money to hire new employees (in cases such as: save the application and mailing costs, costs related to data processing. 0 Editing process faster for Employment Research, the period of time when the need for new employees can be felt until work in the beginning, is reduced to less than 12 days. Ability to attract better candidate’s initiative petition published on the website, that even those who are not actively looking for a new recruit to attract Jobs. Besides the website of a company that is seeking new employees, third party websites are also important. These third-party websites, not Just as “a place for the exchange of labor” and place for the meeting of Bean act, but most of them news, Job search, Job seekers and publish information that as a mechanism to ensure the company’s absorption and call them to find new work force, have been observed.

Using the Internet in new ways of working Through the development of the Internet (the larger) the development of information and communication technology (ACT) – the last two decades have been in full swing – new features and more different organizations to do the work and structure is revived. This development will undoubtedly continue in the future as well as the extent of its impact will include all staff. Two new methods are discussed: Virtual: the definitions of “virtual work” there.

This term is used interchangeably with the term variety. For example, “Work the remote,” “virtual connection” flexibility Place electronic cottage, etc. Since the aim of this paper” Virtual “on its own, so it seems that it is sufficient to provide a brief description as discussed in the 2000 annual report of the Commission for Europe Nonstop & Nolan, 2002), В«Virtual” is a broad incept that common element definitions “of virtual computing and communications to geographic change something that is accepted” he says. Virtual” means that with the help of information technology, we will try to steer employees, instead of moving staff to work together. Virtual “has a lot of advantages that they can be classified from three perspectives: the” individual organization “and” macro – social ” Organizationally “virtual relationship” advantages such as high efficiency 3 (doing more than what has already been done) and associated reduction in absenteeism. Since employees are more satisfied with their work and morale rate of return experience.

According to the dash (Dash), В«Virtual” can swing employee (rise and fall) of about 50 to 80 percent decrease. Use the “Virtual” enables organizations to create a wide network of staff That, although the geographical limits of the organization is low. In addition, the cost of immovable assets (including property) may be reduced because of reduced requirements for location. Furthermore, the rate of interest on the way the makers of “virtual work”, with a rate of 10 to 15 percent in developed countries in terms of ‘CT, is rising.

According to another report (Arab Internet, 2000), 50% of companies that have technical possibilities and opportunities for “Virtual”, and yet only 29% of them have employed this method. It is believed that the entire workforce of the company were calculated, only 2 per cent of full-time employees could be a “Virtual” Correctly and in the proper way, as our colleagues in the Netherlands and America are employed, they are used.

According to economic theory, there are two main reasons for investing in human resources in organizations is: 1 . Reduce costs, which will be achieved through the division of labor. 2. Thing you deed to manage the large number of employees divided. Nowadays, information and communication technologies leading to efficient assembly of the attachment Similar and complementary skills and work in the short or long term projects, it has caused, without the need for formal sector company.

In general, the use of advanced information technology makes the restrictions, obscure, to the extent that it can be assumed that there are no boundaries for (virtual organizations). While the company’s operations become increasingly complex as profit centers, revenue centers, small companies with contracts partially converted. As it turned out, the miniaturization and integration of the activities of the flat – according to Charles Hindi (1995) -Ma twenty to eighty people in the community of employees, few of them have been employed by the organization, ions.

It can be predicted that in the future a large number of “eminent persons” who do not want to be limited to a particular company, they want their skills to the market with the best clients and customers the (not necessarily the best of s) put Most people who work for an organization, employees may still (officially) that organization, but unlike so many, there are a minority of finding that although working with the organization, but officials and all when they are not, they are part-time or temporary employees.

Most of them are private contractors as an employee 4 (employed), or for a certain period of personal and work on a contract basis. This is especially valuable for professionals and thus about the people who work in the organization, it is true. Since the company’s knowledge, is not a limiting factor, the Rich (Reich) refers to this when he explains: A very precious few companies that have changed Jobs and salaries are fixed. The main benefit of this approach is the company’s pursuit of new ideas and new, higher efficiency for the workforce.

What is more, the “outstanding staff’ by working with other companies to gain a wide range of experience and part-time because of their relationships with other companies? You can earn more profits through new knowledge. On the other hand, the disadvantage of this approach include: variability (control and promotion) high, lower than the company’s commitment to the protection of fragile, because of the company’s confidential information. Using the

Internet to develop employability Complement existing knowledge and new knowledge of motivational factors for someone who needs a strong foundation and covered the original so, as new knowledge is a key factor for the success, success Organization is important, Internet-based technologies, many opportunities for Find new knowledge and skills offered first, at the corporate level, faster Internet access to technological innovations and future academic and research institutions and other companies to provide.

Impact of CIT on the CIT and the Internet, not Just IT professionals and IT staff in Regular workplace are effected, but also the environment, self and social world in general is affected. Managers should be aware of these changes and to understand and cope with their good work. Especially at the level of motivation, it can be expected to change. In addition to social evaluation, fundamental and profound changes in the level of forecast there, the authors believe that the first and most important task of managers in such circumstances, keep employees motivated.

According to the results (Into world, 2000) IT professionals found that most IT professionals, most you expect from a company, they can work at home. To the extent that rights and opportunities for advancement, are treated as less important. The findings may be made the Slovenian Workers Were compared (silk, 200251) The 51 companies and over employee’s were often in middle management positions, participated in this study. The most interesting findings was that the staff- a 13-fold division of the company “-Wage” and “opportunity 5 for improvement” as underestimating The expectations were graded.

Would be expected to occur in the future are more individualistic. This means that each employee needs to be addressed and the need for additional Taft is different: Do the smart thing that motivates employees, volunteers also stimulate Job. We know they are more satisfied with their Jobs. They need above all to water and Burn to understand the organization’s mission and believe it to see results Receive ongoing training. In this regard, it also lays groups Working in different populations should be managed in many forms and at different times in the same group also managed differently.

All the above indicates that at present, difficult challenges, companies can ensure that the tasks at any time by the employee (or at least a good employee) or be art of the contract. Since individuals are crucial in the information society, it is clear that the appropriate response to these challenges, companies that are not only thinking about survival, but good progress as states that: “We need an economic theory of knowledge in the production process – its assets.

How to cope with changes to solve? This is obviously the case of reward individuals alike with money, status, or other tangible benefits are not responding. Furthermore, the autocratic leadership style, due to the fact that employees who earn more and more every day, knowledge, will tot be ruled by a dictator, is inappropriate. Especially if these employees can easily change Jobs according to the results of a study (Batty, 2000) complained to the manager, is the main reason for changing Jobs.

Organizations at different levels are consistent with the changes ahead. Recent changes in the organization, employees are likely however, successfully adapting to changes in the hands of administrators. Some changes may in certain areas and possible solutions to manage changes are discussed below. The change in leadership style Use any style other than autocratic adhering style can be a big challenge for all managers. Because the manager must rely on leadership based on skill and personality (and this is hard).

On one hand, the contradiction between the fact that a director And the results are increasingly depends on the hands and the other Very high level of interaction within the work (project management team of different specialists And are skilled) and also forbidding the power and influence than the subjects with the rise of location, It can be discouraging. Thus, the principal character means to motivate employees to achieve organizational goals will become common. Initially, the 6 manager has to motivate employees in an effective manner, so that they have no need of supervision, Job done.

Second, he must provide a suitable working conditions and support specialists in each field, because they have not yet the competence necessary for (for example: of management skills organized). Therefore, one can expect in the organization hierarchy from the bottom up. This means that staff with their expertise and knowledge as a key factor for success and administrators as they are considered to be supporters. Appropriate support manager; another key factor is effectiveness of staff in place, but at the same time we should also apply to the overall success of the organization.

The role of employees Those employees are critical to the success of companies that have sufficient knowledge. Even if you consider that the decision Assigned staff are not durable enough That have specific results, or decide they are too difficult It will not give up (yet) in more than one-third of such decisions, good results can be achieved. As the capacity of their favorite measure As well as decisions about recruitment and promotion of career must be spotless ( Or at least try to be so).

Role (function) of employees in most organizations can be even more important may be the main function of the turn. The same can be used to determine how to apply Employees (the organization) use the Internet Organizations need to continuously monitor the protection of the labor market comparison with the current distance to the human resource needs of the company and replace them It may be a different story: the most important decisions Staff Role which – as we know it today – it is possible that the structures Organizational deleted.

Such functions (roles) in cooperation with outside contractors, takes other forms: . The knowledge and staff to facilitate the use of communications technology and the daily operations of the organization. 2. The ability of staff to provide a consistent database of Jobsharers used. (The base so that the company is not able to establish 3. Knowledge workers can be considered as a consultant manager in important decisions. Changing control staff Control Today, through continuous observation of staff work, is less important. Permanent control will reduce the incentive to employees, because: 1 .

Due to the fact that it is impossible or at least very difficult to control in the rotational way (how the “Virtual” have direct control? 2. For employees who request have high self-tasks. According to (2001), the solution to this problem “goal-based management” and “self-control” is. Performance depends on how well employees perform each task in order to 7 achieve the overall objectives of the organization. The numbers of specialists with higher education are rising substantially, and at the same time, new technologies, closer cooperation between experts claim.

In addition, through the contribution of the manager who provides structure on success will be measured . Perhaps the main benefit is that the principal objective-based management ,Control function with the help of IT hardware and software The administrator is able to quickly collect, analyze, synthesize relevant data and information, it is possible. The target-based management, manager’s stand against employees who sometimes spend time on raises (for example, play chess on the Internet).

It is important to note that if such activities are common, although it will attract the highest level of employee satisfaction, but the company’s objectives will be achieved. Therefore, the proposed teeth for controlling personnel, matching (handle) the final results of the project and determine the level of achievement of objectives, consistent with the results of the plans. It is especially important that these objectives are set in concrete. So, we can say that the staff enough motivation to implement the goals are overwhelming, undeniable.

Changes in staff motivation Differences between employees and the different needs they may increase in the future. If a company wants to cover these needs with an integrated incentive plan, the plan must be very large (full range) is. Offer such a plan, it will be too expensive ND ineffective, so the company offers a variety of benefits for each individual person that motivation, some of these benefits will detect less and some more Ram. Possible solution, and offer benefits to any employee incentive system agreed for him, so that he can do the Job better and more efficient ones.

Find the best form of motivation, hard worker without his participation. Staff more active role in the process (create) motivation will played therefore, a clear picture about the objectives and especially on The best companies to develop a clear picture about individual goals by linking form take into consideration (for example, holding various seminars or workshops The main purpose of the incentive system is that each employee has a personal goal that is enough demand (urgently require it) set.

The employee must be highly motivated to fulfill this purpose (specify) be – not because of the company’s objectives or regulations monitors, but for his own interest – task is to match individual goals with the goals of other employees, or employees of other sectors as well ensure consistency with corporate objectives.

Changes in information management and exploitation of knowledge More effective management of organizational knowledge and its utilization in the labor market, 8 the ultimate goal of those who are seeking competitive advantage in the market the use of individual knowledge workers, much easier than Operation of all the knowledge that is embedded in the minds of all employees. The result of that research was done in America only 20% of the employees of companies are using. ‘CT, countless opportunities to improve information management in organizations suggests.

By taking advantage of these opportunities to make better use of the knowledge provided. One of these (opportunities) communication systems using an internal network (Intranet) is to comply with the Internet-based services and storage, organization, processing, storage and sharing of information between members of the organization provides. According to “Merchant” and others (all these tasks to manage information, are essential. Meanwhile, the release of such information (the information on the intranet) to the outside can be prevented.

In addition to the intranet, many other ways to use the knowledge within the organization and processing of mass data stored there. Such as data warehouses, systems mining, intelligent systems and so on. Hardware and software solutions to the current situation, the use of knowledge . The main obstacles in the path of one of the concepts of knowledge and other related subjects The knowledge of how to achieve that with the help of information technology and best practices for Share, store and transfer knowledge throughout the organization have been done.

According Thomson study that included more than 1,000 senior directors of international companies, the better business performance not Just IT, but also of management information and management of the organization. Conclusion The main objective of this article Some of the changes introduced by the IT Internet communication and staff development to occur and new ways of working, project work with contractors as possible virtual employee. Although a very broad scope and importance of this article very much, but the Internet and ‘CT, management and employees are not the only factors affecting the labor market Which are discussed here.

However, some of the most important innovations in this field and possible ways f coping (Synchronization) The changes to the organizational structure, advanced management style and leadership style, employee motivation and knowledge exploitation of data, are discussed and investigated. Each Cases, tailored to the specific organization By the way as the data in the study and use of the Internet Virtual indicates, these 9 changes are more important than this, so that no company senior executives Cannot and should not forget them. Reference 1 . Barley, (1996). The new world of work. Pamphlet, British-north American committee, London. 2.