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Impact of modern technology - Essay Example

Technology is used by every individual to accomplish several tasks or objectives on a daily basis. (use of technology) The purpose of technology is to increase the production of work and simply the methods of production to increase productivity and efficiency. Technology simplifies tasks and increases human capabilities. Although, technology has replaced humans in most fields of work, but it is the main cause of the high levels of production. Technology is defined in a different way by every individual. For some people, it has been a source of practical and radical methods to accomplish particular tasks.

On the other hand, most individuals believe that is has complicated simpler tasks and replaced human skills and techniques and made people more dependent. Discussion In the past, technology was used as a means of ensuring survival of human life. It was used to make the tasks to complete basic human needs easier and simpler. In the present era, the advancement in modern technology has been helpful in enhancing the daily functions of our lives. As the human lifestyle keeps evolving, improvement in technology keeps providing us with upgrades of the already existing genealogy.

Most people complain that it has caused the loss of many Jobs and has replaced human labor. But technology has also helped to create easier ways to start a business and created more Jobs for the tertiary sector. (ABA. La) The use of technology has several positive and negative impacts on our lives. Some people rely completely on technology to perform all the mundane and easy yet necessary tasks, while others avoid it as a plague. Although, it is quite impossible to avoid the use of technology as everything in the modern society has advanced and evolved by the modern technology and life without it now seems impossible and difficult.

Basic human functions like cooking and cleaning are also affected by technology and the mundane tasks have been made less time consuming. Technology blessed us with plenty of channels of communication. The previous methods consisted of using a telephone or a fax machine. It has never been easier to communicate with a large group of people and deliver your message to the masses. The internet has made it easy to communicate with people overseas. It started with emailing and now it has advanced to videoconferencing. The barrier to communication has been reduced down to a level where in most countries it no longer exists.

The advancement in the technology of communication has helped in bringing revolutions in the modern era. The impact of mass communication raises concerns regarding the influences of technology on our society. The concern regarding this issue is that whether it has made face-to-face interaction non-existent. People tend to communicate via text or email rather than interacting with a person standing beside them. Virtual relationships are making individuals feel more isolated room the society and are preventing people from experiencing real life situations and causing social isolation.

It deprives people of social bonds and leads to depression and stress. It is also a source of constant distraction and causes mental and emotional disturbances. (Origin) Smart phones are no doubt a genius invention. The use of smart phones has taken over the lives of the young generation. Finding a teenager without a smart phone is almost similar to finding Bigot. You can do anything you can imagine using your smart phone. Phones are no longer Just a means of communication. Increased availability of information has helped students to achieve better performance in education and make progress on their own pace.

Modern technology enhances individual learning and makes learning more interesting and effective. Students from around the world, existing in various locations can learn simultaneously and read books online. (Elena_r) Technology has created many challenges for the individuals competing in the market. It has pushed people to improve their skills and techniques to their full potential to match those replaced by the advancement in technology. It helps people to express ideas to the people with shared interests and develop a business or a company. Technology increases efficiency which in return increases productivity.

It helps the business to reduce costs as less labor is required hence, there is more profit. Capital intensive firms tend to have more efficiency and precision in their work whereas, labor intensive firm have to face costs of labor and the lack of skills in their product. (new generation modern technology) Modern transportation technology has made traveling longer distances easier and less expensive. From steam engines to airplanes, technology keeps evolving and improving. Technology in the field of entertainment has vastly improved as well.

Creation of smart TV’s has now enabled the user to connect the television to the internet and share what they are watching with other users. Access to music and movies is also easier and data can be stored in large amounts and made instantly available. Businesses use social networking to communicate with their customers to improve their standards. It’s possible to shop online from your home or office and the goods will be delivered at your doorstep from anywhere in the world. (use of technology) Conclusion The impact of technology has affected our lives and surroundings in several ways.