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Impact of Technology - Essay Example

However, Technology has also brought many complications into our lives, as we have become almost totally dependent on it. It also pollutes the atmosphere which is posing a big problem to the earth. The positive and negative effect depends on the exposure to it and how people use it. In my opinion, technologies best achievement has to be In the field of medicine. All patient’s files are kept on a computer and can be accessed on a database from anywhere In the hospital. This saves a significant amount of time and eliminates the room for human error.

Diseases are complex, and various parts of the human body can be even more complex. Therefore, technology has brought about an Immense infinite to both the physician and the patient. It has given people the ability to walk, reduced the number of fatalities in surgery, promotes a faster and more accurate diagnosis, and increases the life expectancy of the average person. All these improvements in medicine and health care owe credit to technology in some form or another. Global world trade and business has also become easier, faster and more reliable since the Invention of computers.

It allows people to purchase anything over the internet from any business or organization In the world. This fast and convenient yester Is Increasing the financial gain, growth and competitiveness of every Industry. Banks and financial Institutions have now started online banking systems, and ATM technology has now made it possible to withdraw money at any time of the day. You can now also book flights, holidays, railway tickets and bus tickets from the comfort of your own home. Technological innovations affect corporate efficiency, culture and the relationship among employees, clients, and customers.

Although technology can be beneficial for financial and business purposes, on the other hand, it can pose very hazardous risks to unemployment rates. Global unemployment has now reached its highest standard since the great depression of the ass’s. Tasks that were originally performed by human employees are now being carried out by computer systems. For example, factories are now almost being entirely run by machines and technology, causing workers to settle for lower wages or no Job at all. Unfortunately many people cannot compete with the quality control, cost efficiency, and fast performance speed achieved by technological equipment. As men do. ” Technology is a basic part of human culture, is shapes society and is being shaped by society. Blackberry’s, Phone’s, and laptops are becoming an important part of our daily lives. It is very difficult for today’s generation to spend any length of time without the usage of these devices. We have all become so dependent and emotionally attached to these gadgets that it can sometimes affect our basic social skills and the nature in which we communicate.

Everything has become so easily available, that the enjoyment of achieving a task has lost its value. They can consume so much of our free time, to the point where it can have a serious damaging effect on our mental and physical health, causing obesity, laziness and even a loss of resonantly. With the presence of such harmful effects, the importance of regular physical exercise and healthy eating is now stronger than ever. Technologies such as computers, projectors, Powering presentations and the internet have brought teaching into new dimensions.

These interactive teaching aids have been known to improve pupil’s attendance and attentiveness in class. Information is easier to store and more accessible. Therefore, teachers can quickly impart knowledge for the students to acquire and the students can quickly retain the information. Many educational institutes now offer online course, which eliminates mime constraints when receiving education. Students who are located in very different geographical areas can still gain access to online tutoring or online lecturers through video conferencing.

Education can now be customized to different abilities, interests and learning needs of students through the use of technology. Although technology can be used to improve the mind, it can also be used to manipulate it. Media is an important part of our lives and has much to teach. It offers entertainment, culture, news, sport and education. But some of what they teach is not what we want our youth to learn. The vast progress in media technology is beginning to manipulate, and negatively affect the minds and self-image of children and teenagers all around the world.

The media can portray messages such as using violence to handle conflict, sexual action with no negative results such as diseases and unplanned pregnancies, and depicting smoking and drinking as cool. All these unwanted messages can profoundly impact the youth’s emotional, social and physical development. It is crucial to understand that people create media messages, these people have their own point of views, and everyone interprets these messages fervently depending on unique aspects of their lives.

Technology is an endless field of creations, inventions and possibilities. It continues to accelerate, causing more drastic and broader changes to our lives. Its impact on the world is multi-layered. It has many positive and negative effects depending on its purpose, use and exposure. It affects every living being, whether directly or indirectly. The question is will it be able to guarantee a favorable future for the sustainability and development of modern society? If we use technology in a destructive manner, it then it can prove to be the best resource known to mankind.