Impact Of Technology In Education - Essay Example

Technology can sometimes be seen as a nuisance or more work but I have learned that technology can play a highly beneficial role in the classroom. Especially teaching 21st century students, technology plays an even more important role in the classroom. These students are born into technology and are highly comfortable and adaptive with technology. I believe the role of technology in teaching and learning is crucial and there are so many ways to integrate it into the classroom in educational and successful ways.

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SITS 301 has taught me amplitude of ways to incorporate technology in the classroom using various programs, different subjects, and types of activities and assessments students can participate in. Technology is so advanced hat it can be used to replace so many different programs in the classroom. The students will enjoy participating in these programs and learn from them. Technology can be so important and beneficial in the classroom because it can be so adaptive to learning.

Technology is great with Universal Design of Learning because you can differentiate technology in various ways to benefit learning for different types of students. Technology can be used to teach students visually, audibly, and physically. Assisted technology has also been created to help so many different types of students with various disabilities. This course has taught me that assisted technology can be extremely beneficial for students with disabilities.

All students deserve to be taught in ways that are best from them to succeed and assisted technology can really benefit students. The Common Core Standards are a set of guidelines that are made by the state for a way to teach students under a certain curriculum. Even though the curriculum is specific, technology can still be integrated in educational and successful ways. The Common Core Standards allows the use of technology to be integrated into the curriculum in various ways that can make sessions more interesting and exciting for students.

Programs like Fathomable, blobs, Book, Cartoon, Share a Site, Gloater, and We Video can be really exciting for students and motivate students to participate and learn but are still effective and teach students. The content that has made the greatest impact on my personal philosophy of the use of technology in teaching and learning is learning about the huge amount of programs and resources available for teachers to use in the classroom. The Internet provides a huge amount of programs and resources for teachers to use, earn about, research, and integrate into their lessons and classroom to help students learn in different ways.

Learning about all of these programs and resources has definitely had the greatest impact on me because I am so excited to use these programs and resources in my future classroom. I have really enjoyed learning about programs I have never heard about and finding various resources I can look back on because I have never heard of most of them. Everything I have learned has been extremely interesting and exciting and I am excited to continue using them in various ways with my future students. My knowledge of effective teaching practice has been altered by my participation in this course in a positive way.

I have learned how to use so many new programs and learned so much positive information about technology in the classroom. Before taking this course, I was not very knowledgeable about technology with teaching and learning and after taking this course I can confidently say I feel so much more knowledgeable and comfortable about the topic. I am even more excited to become an elementary education teacher after SITS 301 because I am able to integrate technology in the classroom in so many effective ways.