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Impact of Technology Revolution - Essay Example

Therefore every organization in today’s digital world needs an IT department to support their business. The three most useful things that I have learned from MIS 7360 are 1) understanding the heartsickness of an effective IT Organization 2) Factors to be considered for an effective IT Department Management 3) Benefits of IT/Business Relationship. One of the question that came into my mind is how do you measure the effectiveness of IT in an organization?

Typically IT function of an organization is involved in the development, implementation and maintenance of numerous information technologies or systems. All these systems are aimed to meet needs at all levels of organization. In evaluating the success and effectiveness of IT department it is essayer to evaluate the overall business satisfaction, properly managing IT investment (measure ROI), successful project execution that aligns with business needs and effective staff management at all levels.

In the modernization of today’s businesses, common business drivers Include; Mergers and Acquisitions, Application and System consolidations, compliant with government regulations, streamlining business processes and new business strategies. In order to achieve the successes of these business drivers, smart and tough input is required from both business as well s technology leaders. If information technology drives business decisions, IT executives must communicate and persuasive with other department heads on key project management issues.

Strategic planning for information technology is one component of an overall organizations vision for success. This analysis facilitates IT professionals to successfully define shot and long-term goals and determine the resource necessarily to understand such goals. Several important benefits occur as a result of a successful strategic IT plan. One of the benefit Is employees are provided tit an understanding of how their roles are fit In corporate structure.

Organizational structure determines how roles, power and responsibilities are assigned, controlled and coordinated, and how Information flows between the different levels of management. For both IT personnel and IT unit success. The relationship can be measured using specific factors such as Reliability, quality, appeal, leadership, management, customer focus, employee quality, financial performance and overall satisfaction of IT performance experienced by the business.

As an IT professional, I would focus on acknowledging these factors to my career as it influences the overall relationship between the IT department and the business units. Effective Business-IT relationships are ultimately a question of alignment. New IT skills, new business skills, and new perspectives set the stage for business/alt alignment. One of the objectives that I set for the successful of this course is to read the chapters ahead of the class. I believe reading the book before the class did help me to understand the organization of lecture as well focus my attention on filling gaps in certain areas.