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Impact Of The Technology Innovation - Essay Example

Ninja Raze said that the focus of the product is not only n the technology itself but the effect of the technology has upon the storyline. For example, the ID character design of BIOYIOP which quickly depicts the monotonous character but eventually the power that was given to him gives him the personality that he lacks. With high preference attach to the character, the story can flow with ease and react to the personality of each character. Hence, it’s a given that the storyline Is closely incorporated to the technology.

This resembles symbiotic relation between ID animation and storyline. Particularly, the storyline makes people love to watch with ease and leisure. It does not contain episodes that use visual effect that form cyclic regular patterns In time or space that trigger photosensitive epileptic seizure and other possible symptoms. An example of such effects used in animation is found in a Pokes episode entitled Computer Warrior Polygon. Upchuck and his human friends Stators, Assume, and Takes, have an adventure that takes them inside a computer where the team confronts a fighter named Polygon.

In the ensuing battle, Upchuck uses his electric powers to stop a “virus bomb” and this was traumatized by a rapid series of red and lee flashing backgrounds, filling the television screens. In the following half an hour, according to the Fire Defense Agency, 618 children were taken to various hospitals with symptoms ranging from nausea and seizures. As a matter of fact, the Bullyboy series would not approach such animation technique called peak-peak which uses different- colored lights flashing alternately to create tension.

It Is however, common In enamel, the delectate Japanese animation style used In Pokes and many other cartoons, such as Poltroon. Sailor Moon, and Speed Racer. Although there are little acts of violence, the BIOYIOP animation is safe for public viewing and it proves solidly entertaining for children seeking heroic adventure. It centers on a boy who has superpower and able to separate into three. With his friends, Wing, Way and Copal, they fight to protect the earth from alien threats to conquer the Earth to hunt down for cocoa beans.

In my opinion, the introduction of the story are not well presented in which the need of the alien to find cocoa is directed towards the coffee shop owned by Bullyboys grandfather as if the alien loudest fold other sources of coffee beans. Another contradiction that surrounds the storyline Is the orally of the superpower. It seems to be that the logic of the Powerboat Is to transfer the burden of defending the Earth to Bullyboy and his friends which is in this case, the superpowers.

Besides all that discrepancy behind, Studios only intended to target the children of the age six to nine whereby the values are to be instilled preferably from that growth stage. While being heroic deems certain identity to live with, children should be nurtured tit moral value from early stage and build their self-esteem. Heroes are worth being followed if they have certain values by not only being dependent upon the capability of themselves, while instead showing the viewers the importance of creating friendship and helpful to each other when the time is needed or not.

These values in aspect of spiritual or cultural are essential to maintain harmony. The character as expected to be wise enough to Judge their action according to the situation. The product of those actions has in fact being Justified to the margin of the plot. For example, when this hero and that hero face their enemy, the only method to overcome the problem is to stay with their heroic character if and only if the margin is set to the extent of making the enemy not being fully exterminated but Just enough to make the enemy withdraw.

The plot requires other minor character to blend in the situation to fill in certain holes. This is when harmony is formed and nourished with colorful values. Given that the animation requires BIOYIOP and his friends to counter attack the enemy that has sophisticated alien technology. With that in mind, BIOYIOP uses his ewer to tackle the machine but it is not very effective. The second wave of attack from the machine manages to reach BIOYIOP and his friends which were inflicted with mild damage.

After several style of attacks from both sides, a combined force of BIOYIOP and Copal, whose power is to turn incoming projectiles into sweets and candies, effectively bash the enemy out of his health zone, barely enough for the enemy to live for another day. From the description of the plot, we can infer that the combination of several superpowers is proven to be in harmony in which the nature f Copal’s superpower is happiness (sweets and candies) and Bossily is calmness (ground type attack or defense).

Such composition brings out the essence of an animation, which is the spirits of the character, on how to move the skeleton of the design, and the challenge of expressing the emotion on the face of character as well as the body language. Technology innovation too has an impact on the self-esteem of oneself. The production of this masterpiece, BIOYIOP brings new vision towards achieving entirely different scope of life. The production team has put their utmost energy and trench in creating BIOYIOP animation. When this product was introduced in the market, every single person who watched it has become curious of its origin.

Fans of this intellectual property are motivated to be designer, animator and other career related to field of animation. They would draw their favorite character or create a poem. This is incredibly an astonishing phenomenon where every stage of life has their interest on ID animation. Hence, fellow Malaysian should be proud of BIOYIOP and continue to give support or rather be inspired to make ID animation. For hillier, they would grasp the importance of having self-esteem in life. Being inspired, children would give all their passion towards achieving their dream and protect the dream they build at early stage of life.

They would have known that and the fact that Malaysia is one of the earliest countries in Asia that pursue this technology. Thus far, this mediocre is essential in shaping the world that we live in. By putting our trust on such medium, they would, as the creator of this animation, contribute willingly to serve mankind and project the message throughout the world. The message is that, great power comes with great responsibility. Therefore, to achieve greatness, we must first go through hardship and strong bond among friends.

This innovative move by dear Malaysian has amplified the privilege of using the technology, a technology worth craving for. The business world has also received the impact of technological innovation. Various business partners would offer some project to the company that has high capability of handling the technology. In return, the company in question will have to accept or reject the offer based on the degree of importance to its interest. The company’s capability would then be used in utilizing the benefits of the production which is in this case, Bossily merchandise.

The success of this intellectual property in Malaysia has attracted foreign media broadcasting company like Nickelodeon, Walt Disney etc. To accommodate such demand, BIOYIOP series is published in two language version together that is Bass Malaysia for the local market and English Language for the international market, both uses the local voice talents from various backgrounds. For dialog in national language, Nurse Faith Ditz, former voice actor for hereafter of Upon & ‘pin, is offered a place to act the voice of the main character, Booboo.

The effect that this innovation had was to extend our language through other countries so that they know ours as we know them as well. Being part of something bigger is crucial to plant a good memory and sufficient doctrine to personalize the product synchronizing with the identity of Malaysian community. At such level of understanding, language has become a barrier in communicating throughout business world but in the end the wiser ones are the survivors, whose pride and ignite are on their native language. For example, Japan has already being the proud owner of the usage of their own language in communication.

The dogma that we had now is that Malaysian product is international and so the requirement is to be fulfilled by using universal language that is English although before that, Malay language were the lingua franca. Now, as true Malaysian that lives together in a multicultural society, we should apprehend the need to stay in the light of development and hence bring about Malaysia trade slogan “Proud Malaysia”, as Bass Malaysia. This in fact, the truth being said around the world, the importance of living with your own identity and make it up for yourself and not for others or under their flag, symbols, identity or sects.

So as business players in the corporate world, they should have the urge to play their part to change this world for the better. Full utilization of business power in the tertiary class of governmental structure is the biggest advantage to spread the culture of Malaysia, the Malay original culture. The purpose of the production is not only to introduce our language to the world but environment that we have but because of better quality of animation that we can produce.

The quality of the animation has to be at par with other intellectual property. Not too low and not too high. As we mention earlier, the technology should not be used in rich volume, instead balance it with good storyline. The focus here is that although we could afford to maximize the usage of technology, in the end, when it comes to storytelling, we could have failed to synchronize. The chances are that, when we use this technology, we tend to oversee the possibility of doing better as a hole and not Just being off the hook at certain area.

BIOYIOP animation has great production team who most of them uses ID Maya and adman because they are more comfortable to the system and architecture of the program. Although there are various advance programs available in the market, the team would not risk exploring them because that would downgrade the capability of the team as a whole. Being with a team of seven people requires different approach to solve problem. In a small group, you could use pirated software and then throw it away for some other time.