Importance of Assistive Technology - Essay Example

Thus, we wish to express our heartfelt gratitude and In doubtless to the following who extended various help In the accomplishment of this research. Proof. Illnesses Valhalla C. Gigantic, our research adviser for his continuous patience and Immeasurable assistance In the development of this research as well as Dir. Elise T. Samson, dean of the College for the inspiration toward the completion of this research. Our dearest respondents, who gave us the meat of our study, for being cooperative during the research, without their cooperation we won’t be able to omelet this research.

Our family and friends who unselfishly manifested their full support: spiritual, moral, financial, love, concern and understanding. Above all, to our Almighty God who gave the source of our strength and who guide us to pursue this study. This research is dedicated to all the teachers who sacrifices their time and provides unconditional love, care, and patience to the children with special needs, and for all the special children for them to learn and acquire knowledge efficiently and effectively.