Infomationtechnology - Essay Example

This report is to fill you in with different types of Information Technology Jobs, salary and what is needed from you to become a successful person in the Information Technology field . 1 feel this report will help people get a better understanding and have a better outlook of the information and support it has to offer to you in the future, Just by taking some of the classes in the Information Technology field. After doing my research on my mayor I found some good things that will help me out in he long run if I keep pushing forward . Am looking towards being in the Information Technology field in the future. Contents Executive Summary 2 Introduction 3 Information Technology Capabilities List of Capabilities 5 Information Technology Highest Jobs Conclusion 7 Works Cited 8 Executive Summary 4 6 This report is about the major I am currently working towards completing within the next 3 years. I have included some important points about information technology support pathway.

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There is also a reason why Information Technology is needed in the world today. I have listed some of the top Jobs in the information technology field. There are reasons why I choose this major explained in this report. When doing my research on Information Technology In the introduction I wrote the meaning of Information Technology . How Information changes from the past and now . The top jobs in the Information Technology field. How much money can people make while working in different Information Technology Jobs?

What type of Education and Capabilities employers are looking for before hiring in Information Technology Support. In my report is an comparison chart of different Jobs to see which one offers better pay, benefits ,and highly recommended when looking for a Job information technology support . 1 have included , clipper to show you how Information.