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There are some advantages and disadvantages for electron microscope 4 The advantages are that we can see an object with greater detail due to High magnifications up to 1000000 and high resolving power up to 0. 0002 micrometer. 5 The disadvantages are that preparation of specimens is time consuming difficult and expensive, and also can not view live specimens. These are the thing that we can see tit electron Microscope and can’t see with light microscope are Endoplasmic Reticulum, Ribosome, and Lissome. Endoplasmic Reticulum is an original that is responsible for creation of protein and lipid through the body Ribosome are organelles that occurred inside the cell which Is responsible for collecting the proteins from the cell. Lissome are cellular organisms that contain amino acid and enzymes for breaking down the whole west and sending them all out site. 7 Electron Microscope has much greater resolving ewer than light microscope and can get much higher magnifications. Electron microscope can magnify an object only up to 2000 times. Sing Electron Microscope you can see the Image In colures In full detail Like Specimens are usually covered with a very thin layer of metal atoms to make the images larger and larger to be able to see more details. 8 The features that are included in to an electron microscope are named as Eye pieces Condenser lenses Electron gun Screen Specimen camera chamber Imaging lenses 10 These samples must be prepared before the electron microscope is placed in to the microscope vacuum.

Most of the electron microscope requires a specialized trainer due to the mistake that can occurs in the structure of the specimen. 11 I am so proud of myself and my team meat that we worked together for inventing this useful technology for the people in the society and for the improvement of having a higher magnification and resolution of an electron microscope. And I will try to make some more improvement on the magnification and the resolution.