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Information and Communications Technology - Essay Example

Students are those who are experiencing the development of thought and behavior. They are easily influenced and swayed by what is seen, love to try new things and challenging to find and form their own identity. Accordingly, deviations in the process of information dissemination and posting of violent acts and sexually oriented will raise students’ desire to be involved. Social networking site twitter, backbone and Friendlessness the platform to spread immoral pictures, information gossip, slander and humiliate other people other individuals.

All of these conditions cause the youth n particular stuck in the world of mixed information between truth and falsehood. They are also confused to distinguish between the good and the bad. Via twitter, backbone and Friendlessness, cyber crime to occur. With one Invitation and first introductions through social networking sites, young women may be affected. There was a violent rape, drug abuse, play without limitation up to the birth of the illegitimate baby and baby dumping cases. According to the Daily News (201 1), a total of 60,000 students addiction social network websites backbone average of four ours a day.

This addiction will cause them unmotivated to learn, skipping school, sleepiness during the learning sessions, visiting places of entertainment without purpose. Such websites also become the focus of a criminal who wants to be a teen as their victims. There Is also the youth may not be aware of the need to safeguard their personal information, or personal photographs them from falling Into the hands of strangers and thus become victims of criminals Involved In the cyber world as the world of pornography.