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Information Communication Technology - Essay Example

People choose different methods of communication for different reasons depending on how Important or urgent the message they are trying to get across Is. I will now discuss why one method might be chosen over another. Television: Businesses may choose television as a method of communication because it’s easy to reach people of all demographics such as age, gender, location and interests. It can also reach thousands of viewers with each airing so it is a relatively heap method of communication.

Telephone/Mobile: Businesses may communicate by telephone because it is a more personal response; it is the next best thing to talking to someone face-to-face. If the person you are calling Is available you can take care of business right there and then, unlike with an email you leave a message and hope for a quick response. Taking the time to make a phone call carries more weight than a text or email, without the opportunity for two way communication sensitive Issues may be Interpreted. Expensive, only requiring an internet connection that is generally already present in the business. It is also very easy to archive and retrieve emails. The main advantages of email are its fast, easy, convenient and can save the company money. It is also proof of a message sent or received. Social Networking Sites: This type of communication is instant and available to anybody in the world. This allows a company to increase productivity, complete projects faster and to become a more efficient and effective company in the process.

Creating a Backbone group page for employees is a great way to promote a company as employees can announce events and upload photos. Video Conferencing: The main advantage of video conferencing is it saves time and money. Traveling costs are a big expense on a business; by using this method of communication you reduce these expenses. With a video link your employees can maintain relationships and conduct business globally, without the cost of air travel and other traveling expenses. The introduction of communication technology has had many positive effects on our oral.

It has created so many Jobs in IT and many other industries that did not exist before, providing Ireland with an incredible number of new Jobs and exports. Educational learning is now made easier as the internet can cater for anybody learning from any distance. It allows you to communicate with people in any part of the world with ease. Due to the advances in CIT the world has become a much smaller place and is now one interdependent system. Language and geographic barriers are overcome with the use of ‘CT. It is also a very cheap way of gathering and recessing information.

Although there are many advantages to ‘CT, there are also many disadvantages. For example, new technologies may have negative health effects on the body such as radiation, some studies have shown that it has the ability to stimulate the reward sector in the brain leading to addiction in some. The health and development in children may be hugely affected when used from a young age, as it can contribute to physical inactivity and result in individuals spending too much time alone; leading to loneliness, isolation and in some cases depression.

There is also so much information that can be easily got on the internet on any topic, and that can easily mislead people, in turn that could cause stress and/or anxiety. In my opinion a big disadvantage of ‘CT, and social media in particular is the new trend of cyber bullying which is worryingly common in Ireland. The young generation today are extremely influenced by what they see on the internet and nowadays it is so easy to access. The impact CIT has had on our private and public lives in recent years is huge.

The internet is one of the main ways we now socialize mainly because it is easy and practically free. We can now talk to our friends and family where ever we are. The The most extreme resulting in intimate relationships and in many cases marriage. Another dramatic impact would be that; before you had to leave your house to do your daily tasks now you can go on-line and have goods delivered to your house, whether its clothes, groceries or furniture the list is endless. You can also pay your bills and do your banking through ‘CT.