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Because In the present ,world competition has changed , and Teal Manufacturers have to recognize the changing market. It Is no longer about one manufacture competing with other In the world market. For exporting , Thailand Is too expensive to compete with the low cost countries like China ,lemonades , Vietnam ,Linda etc. Andante at the moment the Teal Industry can’t compete In the sophisticated high- endearment with the high cost countries e. G. Germany ,loyalty, Japan ,Talon or Korea. Need to upgrade technology and start marking higher value products.

Exporting in he mid to low – end is no longer viable market for Thailand . Dodo this, Thai wet processing mills need to adopt in terms of auxiliary side , technology that offer higher quality products, and more innovation. In the fashion areas , finishing ,bio-polishing and other environment friendly technologies will certainly be required. They will more costly, but the overall product cost may or may not be increased. The manufactures and , how ever ,ask for higher prices for the final product – thus higher profit margin. That is the only way to go in to the future.

Competing in cost alone will not be sustainable in the long run. I can summarized major problem in Thai E. T. Technology as below. 1 . Most Thai E. T. Technology export products are commodity types and therefore subject to high competition and lower prices. 2. Lack of product diversity and quality item due to shortage of technical man- power and modern technology. 3. Declining competitiveness , especially compared to countries with low labor cost . Since current wage rates in the E. T. Industry are relatively high , they contribute to rising production costs. 4.

Most factories have title or no R activities and lack testing facilities basis quality control. 5. High dependency on imported raw materials such as high-quality fabrics/ yarns. After careful thought , in my private opinion . We can improve and develop the Thai E. T. Technology and clothing industry are as follow. 1 . Lampooner international competitiveness 1. 1 Increase productivity by applying modern technology & machinery ,upgrade skills and introducing modern management technique. 1. 2 Moving into higher value -added products 1. 3 Upgrading the quality and standard of products. 4 Promoting foreign investment. 1. 5 Encouraging Thai industries to invest abroad. 2. Conserve the environment and natural resources by introducing new technology to save raw materials , water and energy. For these problem and the developed method seek the higher education oversea to enhance my ability. The reason , I chosen Germany University because in dependent , Thailand and have increased in number. There , the manufacturing,quality and logistic are supervised by German specialists. They also coordinate the Joint venture with parent companies in Germany.

Design departments , product development and model collection departments from many companies are still situated in Germany . And most of E. T. Engineers who work at international operating branches are from the department of E. T. Technology at Germany University. My aim of this planned E. T. Engineering studies with a Master of Science in E. T. Technology is to receive basic ,technique , technology and special knowledge. After obtaining my Master’s degree , I want to be a E. T. Specialist . 1 think would like to work in the some area , perhaps specializing more narrowly and focusing.