Information Technology - Essay Example

Description of task to be attempted: – I have chosen to do my project on a hotel tariff model and I will be designing and constructing a spreadsheet that shall assist the owner or manager of the business. The spreadsheet should allow users to store data such as, bookings and staff’s payment. It should also make it easy to calculate profits and losses over a period of time. At the moment many company’s record their data by hand as they do not have a computer. What I am planning to do should be a radical improvement in reflection with the currant methods some businesses are using.

My hotel tariff model will make it easy for the owner to manage the hotels finance. Also the tariff is good for non-computer literate people as they can keep track of the income and the outcome easily without having to do hard tasks on the computer. The best way I found to do this was to use a spreadsheet diary model, because everything that was needed was in a folder and you could add to it and edit it easily. Analysis: – I have investigated in many ways, I have used the internet, magazines but I got most of my ideas from my own experiences from working in many places where I have seen managers encounter problems.

This model will solve these problems and help keep the financial side of the hotel organised. I intend to keep records of the income and the outcome of the hotel. I have done this by recording the bookings, wages and the money spent on food. At the end of the year you would be able to see the total profit. Design of the ICT system: – If my spreadsheet would be able to automatically update a record when a single piece of data is changed, it must be able to use formulas. These are very useful as they save time by calculating numbers instantly, and when a cell changes it will update accordingly.

Excel – This consists of rows and columns of cells which can be used to contain text, numbers and most importantly formulae. These formulas can be used to calculate figures, look up information from other cells and to carry out validation checks just to name a few. The rows are given numbers and columns are given letter, which together give the position of the cell. In the formulas instead of inserting direct numbers, cell references are given so that if the number changes all those that are affected automatically change, this minimises any mistakes and makes it much easier for the user.

The information in a spreadsheet can also be able to show a graph or a chart, which will show the progress of a company or any other data. The spreadsheet is ideal for use in our system because it contains formulas that make it easy to calculate any profit or loss because if any data is entered or changed, the application automatically calculates the results. I will use a spreadsheet to build my system as the formulae allow me to do calculations and hence model the finances of the company as it buys and sells stock. Word – to process documents.

This is used for typing text, which can be edited rearranged and also printed. The word processor can check any spelling or grammar mistakes, it also contains facilities such as a dictionary and thesaurus. This type of software is mainly used for letter writing and essays. Data collection, data capture input: – Key to Disk – This is typing the data onto the computer using a keyboard, although this isn’t expensive and is easy to use, it does take quite a lot of time and errors are often caused by this method. But still, this method is practical and simple and can be used for our system.