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Until today, the extraordinary communes portrayal has happened in small villages, where some people spent their childhood. However, due largely to the way people life turning Into modern one, they tend to move to large cities. As a result, life changing affects people changing. In this essay, I would reveal the merits and demerits of living In a small village. My Inclination Is argued further. To begin with, some villagers live and work together in rice field during the day. Inevitably, this activity has raised closed social interaction among them.

Take one example, they might greet and talk to one another for several minutes, even in being hurry at work, or help others construct their houses, known as social work. This portrayal of life encourages more tolerance among people rather than who living in the big cities. Apparently, the downside of living in a small village Is people can’t even take chances to study-and-work best and have healthy life. This Is surely authentic, because villages are Identical with poor and dull education, healthcare and Infrastructures. Again, as a result of having deteriorated neighborhood, It would attract bad effects In ally mood and well-being.

For example, the Idleness condition has raised the number of people who gain stressful year by year. The only way some people ever tend to move to big cities as to reveal a better life. Ultimately, a small village as a good place to live makes people more enjoyable doing their daily activity with others rather than in a big city. However, spending whole lifetime in this place would raise many disadvantages.