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The positive and negative effects of Introducing an e-commerce yester to an organization have been explained In terms of the following. (a) Customers (b) Global business (c) Distribution system (d) Security P 2. 2 Discuss the global impact of e-commerce on society. 1 . Three positive and three negative effects of global e-commerce have been stated. 2. These effects have been explained. 3. A conclusion stating the overall effect of e-commerce on society has been drawn. ALL Be able to design e-commerce solutions p 3. 1 Investigate market potential for an e-commerce opportunity.

Market potential for an e-commerce opportunity has been investigated and a short port has been produced according to the format given. P 3. 2 Evaluate current e-commerce systems In use by organizations. 1 . The advantages and disadvantages of the following e-commerce systems have been explained. (a) A proprietary system such as eBay and Amazon (b) An open source system such as Commerce, Opencast and Magenta 2. A brief recommendation has been. Costs and benefits of implanting an e-commerce solution have been explained. 2. A conclusion has been made on the benefits of implementing an commerce solution. . A recommendation, stating whether or not to implement an commerce solution or your organization, has been made. UP. 4 Design an e-commerce solution. An e-commerce solution has been designed for the selected organization. UP. 5 Evaluate the suitability of an e-commerce solution. 1. The suitability of the e-commerce solution that you designed in UP. 4 above has been evaluated against the following features. A) Efficient site perform when traffic is heavy (scalability) b) Current catalog being able to meet future demand c) Ease of finding what customers want 2.

A conclusion has been made stating whether or not the designed e-commerce solution has met the features in UP. Above. 3. A recommendation has been made on how to improve the suitability of the e-commerce solution. Merit and Distinction Grade Descriptors Grade descriptor Possible evidence Feedback MI Identify and apply strategies to find appropriate solutions An effective approach to study and research has been applied. Select/design and apply appropriate methods/techniques 1. Relevant theories and techniques have been applied 2.

The design of methods/techniques has been Justified Present and communicate appropriate findings 1 . Coherent, logical development of principles/concepts for the intended audience 2. A range of methods of presentation have been used and technical language has Use critical reflection to evaluate own work and Justify valid conclusions 1 . Self- criticism of approach has taken place 2. Realistic improvements have been proposed against defined characteristics for success Take responsibility for managing and organizing activities 1 .

Substantial activities, projects or investigations have been planned, managed and organized 2. The importance of interdependence has been recognized and achieved Demonstrate convergent/lateral/ creative thinking 1. Ideas have been generated and decisions taken 2. Innovation and creative thought have been applied ASSIGNMENT SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES Expectations (a) Group: Individual assignment (b) Collaboration: Not allowed. (c) Expected sources: 1 . Richard, T. & Leland, F. 2008. Electronic Commerce. 3rd. De. Switzerland: Creative Commons Attribution. Available through: http://afterimages. Fulfill. Full. Due/AAA/ 00/01/16/63/00001 ‘Electronic_commerce. PDF. Accessed: 15 March 2014. ] 2. McNeil, P. 2012. The Designer’s Web Handbook: What You Need to Know to Create for the Web. Cincinnati, OH: How Books. [Available through: http://www. Sequestrations. Com/library/ 20078153/the-designer-s-web-handbook-what-you-need-to-know. Accessed: 1 5 March 2014. ] (d) Tables of data: Required where relevant. INSTRUCTIONS TO STUDENTS 1. This assignment is a compulsory part for the successful completion of this unit. 2.

You have to complete this assignment within the submission date stated above. 3. Read the assignment carefully and make sure that you understand the work you teacher. 4. The assignment requires you to work by yourself and to produce authentic and, wherever possible, original work. You should not share your work with any other students. For example, if you produce an illustration or diagram electronically, you should not give it to another learner. Similarly, you should not accept and use such information from others. You are required to sign that the work submitted is your own. 5.

If you work in a group at any stage, you must present your own responses to each task for assessment. 6. Information taken from sources for research, e. G. Internet and textbooks must be identified and not presented as your own work. You should list the sources used. 7. Some tasks may require Observation Records/Witness Statements. Your teacher will organize for these to be completed and you must attach these to your submitted work. . In presenting your final work, you should not include draft work or reference materials such as handouts, notes and leaflets, unless the tasks specifically ask you to do so. 9.

Presentation of your work: (a) Check that you have completed all tasks (b) Label work with the appropriate task/sub task number (c) Present tasks in the correct order (d) Label each page with your name and page number (e) Submit all electronic materials in paper format (f) Clearly label video or audio tapes submitted as part of your assignment (g) Sketches and drawings must be your own work, and may be produced by hand or sing appropriate computer software (h) Material from School handouts, books and other printed materials should not be included in the submission (I) All notes should be original and produced by you; where published material is referred to in the assignment, full references must be given O) All papers should be securely bound (k) Use a standard business report structure (l) Word process the report (m) Use 12 point Arial script (n) Use the Harvard referencing system (o) The body of your report should not exceed 3000 words. (p) Complete the title page and sign the statement of authenticity. (q) Late work will only be graded for a pass. (r) This assignment is for the whole module PLAGIARISM Maldives Business School’s Rules and Regulations relating to plagiarism are described in Point 19 of the Academic Regulations. They are copied below. Plagiarism is the attempt to fulfill an academic requirement by using the ideas, words or work of another person and representing them as one’s own. Academic conventions dictate that students and scholars must acknowledge the source of phrases and ideas that are not their own.

Many ideas and phrases are so familiar that they have become the common property of all; these obviously require no communication. However, the use of ideas or phrases [or entire works] that are the original author. A student shall not plagiarism any idea, writing, data or invention belonging to another person. For the purpose of this rule, plagiarism includes: 1 . Using another writer’s words without proper citation. 2. Using another writer’s ideas without proper citation. 3. Citing the source but reproducing the exact words of a printed source without quotation marks. 4. Borrowing the structure of another author’s phrases or sentences without crediting the author. 5. Borrowing all or part of another student’s paper or sing someone else’s outline to write own paper. 6.

Using a paper writing “service” or translating the writing or creation of another person from one language to another. 7. Any form of plagiarism found in assignments will result in disciplinary action that may lead to dismissal. 8. This assignment is for the whole module. Scenario You work as commerce application developer in a company. The company started its operation in 2010 and been developing very rapidly in the market. The company manager has approached you and asked you to develop an commerce solution to the company. The manager as also asked you to conduct market research on it. Required You are required to design an commerce solution. You are also required to conduct a market research and prepare a report on it.

Task 1 Prepare a report titled “Impact of commerce,” explaining the business functions, business aims and the impact of commerce on the organization. Include in your report diagrams and pictures for the purpose of illustration. Your report must be unified and coherent. It must not exceed 1,500 words. To successfully complete this assignment you must: 1 . Assess an organization’s core business functions. (Pl . 1) 2. Evaluate an organization’s business aims and show how they relate to stakeholders. (Pl . 2) 3. Analyze the impact, including the risks, of introducing an e-commerce system to an organization. (UP. 1) 4. Discuss the global impact of e-commerce on society. (UP. 2) 5.