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Information Technology Acts - Essay Example

Computer Fraud and Abuse Act Computer Fraud and Abuse Act was initially crafted in the ass’s to prevent remote computer hacking as away to protect government interest computers. Computer use has extended In the years since It was put Into effect. Computer Fraud and abuse Act has equally extended to cover several other computer-related actions. The definition of a computer protected under the Act dramatically expanded to include any computer used in interstate commerce or communication, I. E. , any computer connected to the Internet (Pollard, 2010).

This act made computer hacking a crime that is punishable by the federal law. This can result in time in prison. Computer Fraud and Abuse Act protects ethical computer use which does not Involve malice nor should It result In intentional embarrassment, harm or Injury to others. Amendments to this act have enacted laws that protect the privacy of computer users from being abused by dishonest computer users out there an example of dishonest users is the computer hacker, or the person who commits identity theft.

Children’s Internet Protection Act The Children’s Internet Protection Act is a federal law that was enacted by congress to attend to concerns about students gaining access to offensive subjects on the Internet on school and library computers. Children’s Internet Protection Act imposes certain types of requirements on any school or library that receives funding for Internet access or internal connections from the E-rate program – a program that makes certain communications technology more affordable for eligible schools and braises (“Children’S Internet Protection Act 2009).

Schools and libraries it is a requirement to confirm that they have their safety policies and technology in position before receiving E-rate funding. Another requirement this act has Is that schools are to adopt and put Into effect a policy to supervise online satellites of children. Any person can log on the World Wide Web without a face, name or even a voice because of Acts and laws were made to guard the virtue of our children and one of hem is the Children’s Internet Protection Act.