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It is not the result of processing d. It does not have any value 29. Which of the following actions is NOT considered to be a computer crime? A. Encryption b. Piracy c. Industrial Espionage d. Hacking a. Firewall b. Locking up the hardware c. Fireproof cabinets d. Biometric Systems 31 . In word processing, an efficient way to move the 3rd paragraph to place it after the 5th paragraph is? A. Copy and paste b. Copy, cut and paste c. Cut, copy and paste d. Cut and paste 32. Presentation software allows the user to a. Track changes b. Design tables c. Enhance public speaking d. Develop graphs to report on sales data 33.

The pair of files used to produce merged letters during a mail merge is? A. Primary document and data source b. Primary document and merged letters c. Data source and merged letters d. Primary document and current letter 34. Text entered into a spreadsheet is aligned towards the left by default. These entries are called a. Values b. Labels c. Formulae d. Functions 35. Which of the following formatting features is unique to numbers in spreadsheet? A. Bold b. Custom c. Italics d. Indent 36. To center the title rows of a spreadsheet across the column a. Center align the title rows b. Center align the title columns c.

Merge and center the title rows d. Merge and center the title columns a. Cell addresses, values and labels b. Cell addresses, values and mathematical operators c. Cell addresses and labels d. Cell addresses and values 38. Which of the following statements is NOT true of primary keys? A. They do not contain blank value b. They are unique identifiers c. They are always in text form d. They may be composed of one or more attributes 39. The shortcut key that can be used to activate or open the find and replace screen a. CTR b. Catch c. Alt d. Alt 40. Footers are found at the ? b. Top of every page c. End off page . ND .. Of a document. A. Bottom of every page 41 . Susan is using the ‘Find and Replace’ feature of a word processing tool, to search for the word “DELL”, in a document that she is typing. Which word or words can be found if she has the “Match case’ option disabled? A. Dell b. Dell c. DELL d. DeLL e. All of the above 42. The following words could be found in the document that Susan typed sad set star street Susan performed a ‘Find and Replace’ action with the ‘Find what’ entry set to “s? T” and the ‘Use wildcat’ option selected. Which string from the list above would be found? A. Sad b. Set c. Star d. Street a.

The authorized copying, use or selling of software that is copyrighted. B. The authorized copying, use or selling of software that is not copyrighted. C. The unauthorized copying, use or selling of software that is copyrighted. D. The unauthorized copying, use or selling of software that is not copyrighted. 44. The purpose of the icon E is to a. Move data to the clipboard b. Insert a sum formula on the worksheet c. Access the chart wizard d. Provide on-screen help 45. A field in a table appears as a match of the primary key in another table is called a A. Candidate key b. Secondary key c. Foreign key d. Composite key.