Integrated Circuits Technology - Essay Example

Technology Introduction ICC technology refers to application of semiconductor materials as platform to combine various electronic components in an effort to reduce size and cost as well as to improve effectiveness of electronic circuits. This essay aims to describe integrated circuit, look at wiring problems that it solved and state of microcircuits today. Discussion Integrated circuit (C), also called chip, is a network of circuits formed by engraving electronic components (resistors, capacitors and diodes etc) on a semiconductor wafer.

It Is usually enclosed In a “plastic holder” containing pins, which act as connectors between the ICC and printed circuit board (PC) (Hews, 2009). Electronic chips are categorized as linear or digital. A linear chip produces constantly changing output signal that is characteristic of the input signal and therefore, is used widely on amplifiers. Digital/logic chip give out only two states of output (O or 1 ) and are used In computer systems and counters. Since It Is possible to combine various electronics components Into a compact element using ICC technology, the need for ring such components that was being used earlier has been phased out.

CICS solved various wiring problems such as circuit breaks, signal’s value drop and heat buildup within circuits etc. Before invention of ICC, electricians and engineers used to connect various components needed in a circuit using wires. Circuits breaks that hindered flow of signals within the circuits were inevitable because of ineffective soldering and errors In wiring the components (Monopolize. Org, 2003). Use of CICS eliminated this and provided ways for designing circuits without or with short and few wires.

In addition, ICC solved the problem of signal’s value drop that was being experienced due to use of long wires. According to the electrical resistance relationship, as the length of the conductor increases, resistance also increases, thereby limiting the amount of signal received at the output. The long wires posed another problem of heat buildup because of the Increased resistance. This called for use of big alarm fans to dissipate away excess heat away from the circuit. ICC eliminated the long wires and made It possible to use heat sinks In dissipating heat generated by the components.

Currently, microcircuit has led to integration of many CICS comprising thousands of components into single Anna-chips (Interdepartmentally. Com, 2006). This has facilitated development of small electronic components, which integrate every single function using microcircuits. For example, It Is possible nowadays for a mobile phone to Integrate functions of computer, television, radio and phone. This technology Is more advanced compared to the technology that aided development of Apollo Computers, which were used to guide first space craft to the moon.