Internet Explorer vs Safari - Essay Example

For the Mac Tiger, it took 18 seconds for the process whereas XP took 24 seconds for the screen to completely fade away. Most of the time that XP takes is to save files and changes that are made by the user. One problem with Windows XP is that it uses a lot of CPU, disk, and network even when system is idle. 11 Hence, time is consumed to end connections between the operating system and the hardware. Hence, this section can be concluded by safely putting forward the statement that the Mac Tiger is a lot faster than its competent when it comes to startup and shutdown.

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What can the users conclude from the results? Time plays a critical part in the everyday processes and operations of the business world. All financial and other business transactions, communications, and business records are ultimately time based and time dependent. Even a few seconds can play a vital role in today’s growing business empires or small firms. In such a fast running world, which furthermore is massively influenced by technology, time is directly proportional to money. This global society needs a promising technological advancement that saves their time, whether it may be about a minute every day.

The Mac Tiger, booting up in 21 seconds and shutting down in 18, is the operating system that would bring in speed and prevent waste in time. Even though, the system had an FSB of 400MHz, which is less than average in today’s technologically advanced world, the operating system performed exceptionally well. Front Side Bus (FSB) is the bus that connects the CPU to other hardware, including the BIOS. Having a higher figure means that the data can be transmitted faster to the components. 12 In today’s world, majority of the businesses have the tendency to afford computers with higher FSB.

Even though Windows XP had twice the FSB than the Tiger, it can be observed that a system with 800MHz of FSB with the Mac Tiger is just like a timesaving machine. Having a higher FSB not only increases a system’s capability to boot up and shut down quickly, but also boosts efficiency. Hence, for the growing number of ‘new users’, whether business executives or students with tight schedules, even a Macintosh Tiger with an average FSB came be a timesaving handy tool. Chapter 3: CD Burning speed 3. 1: General Information

Compact Discs have held them strong in this technological world for years, whether they are used to hold media, data or software, they have become the standard medium for distributing large quantities of information in a reliable package, as they range from 600MB to 9. 6GB. 13 As CD burners have become standard over the past few years, the ability for the user to easily save files to CD has become increasingly necessary. In the past few years, the Compact Disc has completely pushed the Floppy Disk to the list of the endangered species.

14 A common CD has the capacity to hold 700MB or more of data, which is equivalent to over 400 floppy disks. Both operating systems include built-in support for burning data to CD-Rs/DVD-Rs (recordable or “write once” compact discs) as well as CD-RWs/DVD-RWs (erase and rewrite). 15 The two operating systems can burn the cross-platform compatible ISO-9660 format, though only Mac Tiger writes to that format by default. 16 The ISO-9660 is a format officially published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) for operating systems to exchange data with CDs without any translation or conversion.

17 Windows XP has an additional feature that supports HighMAT format. HighMAT allows the CD burning hardware to read lists of images and music content from the media faster, as well as providing a more convenient navigation system. This feature helps CD/DVD players to read hundreds of music or photo files in a much faster way, eliminating browsing experience for users to be slow and tedious. 18 The CD is made up of translucent layers, when laser passes through this layer; it creates dark points on the CD, which are digital pattern that a CD player can read.

19 At first, when the files are dragged into the CD Drive, they are actually copied into a temporary folder on the local drive. As soon as the ‘Burn CD’ button is clicked, these files are created into a separate image file (ISO). 20 This doesn’t happen in the Mac, the files are directly read from the source path and then written on the disc. The stopwatch was started as soon as the ‘Burn’ button was clicked and then stopped when the message box saying ‘Completed! ‘ popped up.

Figure 5 shows the results for the test, the XP took a small but apparent lead by burning the files in 7 minutes 29 seconds whereas the Tiger took 8 minutes 37 seconds. The reason for this could be that the files that were being were media files (MP3); hence, the HighMAT support was extremely useful as it ran through the media and rapidly sorted them out which eases the job of the burning application as it can easily read the files from its source path. The result makes it apparent that the XP takes an enormous lead when it comes to disc burning compared to Tiger.

What can the users conclude from the results? In today’s world, transferring data, whether it is Green Day’s new music album or a folder of summer pictures, CDs are the most convenient and comfortable medium. The results help in making the fair statement that XP can be favorable for users in businesses involving media, for example photo shoot firms. Chapter 4: Printing Speed 4. 1: General Information Since the first printer was introduced, they have helped us to bring our documents, pictures and web pages from the computer into the real world.

Unsurprisingly, having a printer at home or at work is a usual scene, as printers have become the most popular of all computer peripherals. To choose the type of printer (laser or inkjet) depends on the use. If the printing purpose is for home use, a fairly cheap inkjet printer would be the choice. However, if a business needs bulk prints, a laser printer is the bright choice. Both types of printers work in different ways. In the inkjet, the cartridges move over the pages line by line, pressing on the pages using heat or pressure.

Laser printers use a cylindrical drum that has charged image of light. This drum smoothly rolls over the pages creating a clean image. 22 Even after the big boom in technology over the last three decades, paperwork is still important in today’s world. Just in the United States, over 600 million pages of paper are printed as computer printouts per day. 23 Even after that, users all over the world demand more. Therefore, printing needs to be a fast process for today’s timesaving world. Both the computers were connected to the same network at conditions of low network usage.

A PDF document of five pages was opened from the desktop of both computers with Adobe Reader and sent to printing to the same laser printer on the network; timed as soon as the ‘Print’ button was hit and stopped immediately after the paper was printed. Even though the test was performed under conditions of low network usage, three trials were taken for each operating system. The average for both the Tiger and XP was the same, timed to be at 12 seconds (can be seen in Figure 6). This clearly proves that both operating systems perform equally well when it comes to printing documents.

This is because both operating systems send the data/file to the printer at the same rate. 4. 3: What can the users conclude from the results? As stated before, having a fast and efficient way to print documents is what today users desire before purchasing a printer. If a company wants to print high-quality images, produce documents in large quantities or print large sheets of paper, a fast and efficient laser printer is necessary. The results become the evidence for the fact that both operating systems perform equally well when it comes to printing speed.

This is an extremely important factor as after choosing a printer, most users would be in confusion about the operating system, if printing speed is an important criterion for them. This can lead to a conclusion that operating systems do not affect the printing speed, but it is actually the printer that has an effect on it. Hence, users; may they be businesses looking for bulk prints in high quality, or a family, looking forward to print letter and few photos, should not be affected by the choice of an operating system and should rather focus only on the printer.

Chapter 5: Internet Explorer vs. Safari 5. 1: General Information The Internet is a global system of interconnected computer networks. A computer that connects to the Internet can access information from a vast number of servers and other computers. 24 It can be fair to say that majority of the users all over the world by their computer systems to get on the internet. From chatting online, downloading music, watching TV to reading news, making business transactions or talking on the phone, the internet has completely revolutionized the global society.

High-speed internet connections have made this all possible for all kinds of users around the world. But still, there are users that desire more, as it is the basic nature of any human. There have been ways to ‘tweak’ the web browsers such that the page loading speed increases. As a result, both companies have been trying to make their web-browser better and faster. Apart from the two operating systems, their web-browsers have another age-old battle. Even though Apple’s Safari has had only four major versions compared to Windows’ Internet Explorer that has eight, both browsers can be put to test.

Internet Explorer 7 vs. Safari 2 This next test will compare the two respective internet browsers; Safari 2 for the Mac and Internet Explorer 6 for XP. The first area that will be looked upon will be the download speed, which is one of the most important feature to any user. A common 1 MB PDF document from a common webpage will be downloaded and this process will be timed. As the download speed varies according to network usage and the server of the website, the test will be performed three times over three consecutive days.