Ipad as Disruptive Technology - Essay Example

The pad is also pleasing the newspapers by enabling them with application to provide the newspapers on line and also the newspaper readers are happy to have the news papers online so that they can choose the articles they want to read rather than purchase of bulky pages of the newspaper so that customers are enjoining the technology and we can say there is customer intimacy too. We can also see the tunes application for downloading music as product differentiation and low cost leadership since customers are pleased with downloading the music at rower cost and with choice of choosing the music rather than buying the whole album.

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Apple efforts to struck deal with text book publishers to avail school text books on the pad which could be seen as a focus by the company on the Niche market. What makes the pad disruptive technology? Who are likely the winners and losers if the pad becomes hit? Why? What makes Pad Disruptive Technology: The features that make pad disruptive technology are: It transforms of business practices that were in place before pad was introduced on the market. The pad has changed he business practices and strategies on sectors like book publishing and distribution, music labels, newspaper and magazine business and others.

Winners: The likely winners if the pad becomes a hit: The primary winner if the pad becomes hit is Apple with the competitive advantage over its rivals like Amazon. What make Apple a winner is that the revenues of the company will be increased with new and quality products and the company will also gain by promoting its product brands. Book publishers will also become winners since they have bargaining power over price and ownership of books. Text book publishers and its software developers will also be winners.

Newspapers will be winners since they will be accessing new market segments and there will be new business model for them. Customers are winners as they have a better access to read, download and buy new books, newspapers and music through applications on the pad. Losers: The market for e-books has been monopolized by Amazon for many years however; Apple through its pad will definitely be sharing the market for the distribution books. Amazon will be losing its market share to pad so it is loser. The newspaper printing enterprises will lose as adders will find copies online chipper and with different options.

The loss will result from fewer copies ordered to be printed by newspaper owners. Album sellers will lose since their customers are drastically decreasing by the pad’s introduction of tunes. In the future, cable and satellite TV providers will be loser if Apple reaches deal with TV networks and movie studios. Describe the effects the pad is likely to have on the business models of Apple, content creators and distributors. In the Interactive Session passage it is stated that previously Apple belief was that content s less important than popularity of its devices.

Now, Apple understands that it needs high quality content from all the types of media it offers on the devices to be truly successful. The company’s new goal is to make deals with each media industry to distribute the content that users want to watch at a price agreed to by the content owners and the platform owners. The old attitude of Apple (“rip, burn, distribute”), which were designed to sell devices are a thing of the past. In this case of the disruptive technology, even the disruptor have been changed to change their behaviors.

MIS IN ACTION Visit Apple’s site for the pad and the Amazon site for the Kindle. Review the features and specifications of each device. Then answer the following questions: How powerful is the pad? How useful is it for reading books, newspapers or magazines, for surfing the web, and for watching video? Can you identify any shortcomings of the device? Power of the pad: Built-in 32. 4-watt-hour rechargeable lithium-polymer battery. Up to 10 hours of surfing the web on WI-if, watching video, or listening to music. Charging via power or USB to computer system.

With its sleek redesign and sat new processor, the pad is an instant hit. pad has an optional book application that can be downloaded from the Apple Store, which displays books and other peep format content downloaded from book store. With this application and the books available for download, pad is a competitive technology the Amazon’s Kindle. On the pad the “Top News” section is available for free of charge and the reminder on the payment of subscription. Major news organizations, including the Wall Street Journal, the BBC, Reuters, New York Times and others have released pad applications.

We can therefore say that pad is also very competitive on online newspapers and magazines. The Pad also can shoot videos, take photos, download and play music and download, play videos, and perform internet functions such as web browsing, and emailing. The Apple website does not mention any substantial shortcomings of the pad, but there are shortcomings that I can mention. The pad is not user friendly when you compare it with kindle and Samsung tabs which I found very convenient to use without problems Apple ‘d, prices for downloading applications with credit cards