Is Technology a Blessing or a Curse - Essay Example

Apparently , depending on technology as technology might one day collapse, crippling the society. Due to over dependence In technology, creativity is hindered: people becomes like a “robot” because without technology doing a lot of things in the day to day life becomes too hard. But on the other side technology has provided a lot of good attributes. Discovering and making gadgets like mobile phones, it help to communicate a person In a place. Airplanes and trains as a transportation, to rainspout a person too place to another much faster.

Internet and computer had also made to contain Information needed by the society. These are examples that technology has benefited people to make life easier, but Technology only becomes a disadvantage when we use It Irresponsibly. In general technology Is a blessing, because It help us to make our daily life easier than before. Technology also brings progression in human society and give improvement on our living conditions. Technology may depend on a person on how technology will be used. So use technology wisely!