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Is Technology Affecting Social Skills - Essay Example

People are starting not to go out as much face to face interaction has starting to go down since people don’t have to go as much anymore and you can Just sit home. With these technological advancement what is the point of even going out even more. Social interaction is vital to our physical and mental health and it has been proven that maintaining healthy relationships help us to live longer. Technology also harms our ability to deal with conflict as well. For example if you have a problem with someone you can Just send them a message instead of confronting the person (Northern- Ionian. Rag). We are becoming totally dependent but there are plenty of benefits for example it helps us with faster and more efficient ways to communicate with others, but it is also harming our ability to communicate with people face-to-face, and sometimes, it impacts our ability to write properly (Northern-Ionian. Org). It also negatively impacts our social interactions because it detaches us from what is happening around us. Not all technology is double-edged sword it also made it possible to communicate with someone around the world that’s thousands miles way through Keep or Backbone.

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