Is technology really good? - Essay Example

Joana Leer says in her article “Our Cluttered Minds” that technology has always been screwed up. On the contrary Maggie Jackson says the world is crumbling because of technology in “The Erosion of Attention. ” The good and bad with technology it is always fighting itself. Technology can be a negative effect on the brain, and on society; but along with this, technology can be a helping hand in our lives. You might find yourself being addicted to a social media website, or even Just the internet in general. The benefits and doubts in the society now are astonishing because f the new problems.

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There are many different social media sites, like Backbone and Twitter that are causing these problems such as: cyber bullying. Cyber bullying is who people hide behind their computer screens and bully with the use of technology. CB ere bullying is a great example because Parker Pope states, “The problem is similar to an eating disorder, technology, like food, is an essential part of daily life, and those suffering from disordered online behavior cannot give it up entirely and instead have to learn moderation and controlled use” (Parker Pope).

With Backbone and Twitter there are more things happening than Just cyber bullying. Most people use Backbone to reconnect with old friends. For example, my parents use Backbone to get their local business out on the web and it gives them positive feedback with the community. There are so many different APS out there; game APS, social media APS, and educational APS. Such as Candy Crush, which makes you slide different kinds of can day in a row to get points. Or even Mackey Mouse Clubhouse, where you have to match the name of the color to the picture of the color.

Shirks explains that he would rather us be playing games, like World of Warrant, instead of wasting our free hours watching endless hours of pointless TV (Shirks). As I have said before, Candy Crush, is Just brain activity. Brain activity being a pointless thing to occupy your thoughts; while brain us e is doing something that helps you learn and stay active. Brain use being the Mackey Mouse Club House game that helps you learn colors, or shapes, terms or animals. “When threes a crawl on the TV, people remember ten percent less of what the news anchor says.

What’s being lost is the ability to problem solve deeply; to go obey ND the surface of the data, and to make sense. To create knowledge out of information takes a certain kind of focus and problem solving you don’t get in sound bites” Jackson). Jackson is saying that you are more likely to learn something by reading it, than by hearing it. You have to have to ability to problem solve and focus on what someone is saying to be able to learn from hearing. Now that you can go out and buy the CD of a book instead of having to read it would be a lazy way of using technology o benefit you.

If you read the book you are more likely to understand what is happening remember as a child my mother would always read my books, and I could never fully understand the storyline until the day I learned to read the books myself. But with the books now being on a CD you can pop it into your CD player in your car and listen to t he book on the way to work. If you exercise while reading, are you really reading at all? Richter says, “The technology makes the tiniest windows of time entertaining, and potentially productive

But scientists point to an unanticipated side effect: when people keep their brains buy sys with digital input, they are forfeiting downtime that could allow them to better learn and remember information, or come up with new ideas” (Richter). What Richter is saying is that you can’t exercise and expect to learn something. Technology has advanced is such a way that we can now use our phones, or pads, while we are exercising to be multitasking. But along with being able to use these while exercising it isn’t helping u NY to be doing two things at once with working out and being on your phone.

If you are at the gym emailing your office coworkers while running you are not getting your true work out in because you are focused on you email instead of your workout. In all technology had its benefits, and its doubts. There are many benefits to technology that we don’t even think of, that we can have it around us all the time in a easy solution. Technology can also be extremely bad and unhelpful, you can abuse it and end up hurting people. Technology is all what you want it to be, all you believe it would do to help your life and to make your life easier, but it is.