Free Sample: Is Technology Taken over our motivation? paper example for writing essay

Is Technology Taken over our motivation? - Essay Example

Today, I would like to express my views on the Topic” Is technology taken over our motivation? ” So, do you really believe that technology has taken over our motivation? No, not really. Not that I think so. My views would differ on this matter. Here, I would like to quote the words of Mr.. Bill Gates, he rightly said that – ” Technology is just a tool, In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, The teacher is the most important. ”

Only people can Inspire other people. Technology is supposed to make our lives allowing us to do things more quickly and efficiently. Day by day Technology enhanced human capabilities in terms of what human can do now, compared to what they did a few decades ago. Technology has improved our lifestyle. Several devices have been invented like Cell phones, computers, laptops, tablets and pods which help us finish loads of work with ease. Some people says technology Is slowly taking over our social lives, our motivation and slowly creeping Into our relationships and everyday activities.

But I say technology isn’t really the problem. Its depends on us how we use it, that effects the overall negatives and positives of technological advances. It is our motivation, that is meant to guide and rule the technology and not the other way round. It is our motivation, which directs the technology – for the betterment of humanity or, the downfall of humanity% for the construction of life ћ. Or, the destruction of life. The results of technology, which we all witness at present/today, the good or the bad,.. Are the results of human decisions.

I would like to fortify my views with the some examples. The medicines and drugs can be brought into useћ as we want. Use the medical Technology and it’s miracles to cure the deadly diseases … Or, to create one in the form of biological weapons, And how can we undermine the application of nuclear technology, which has been acknowledged in the world history throughout. Whether to use our conscience and determination for the peaceful or destructive application of the vulnerable nuclear is seenћ when we witnessed the revolutionary energy reduction… r, the tragic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We, the human race are responsible for technology and its use. The technology has no conscience or emotions of its own. Basically, technology is nothing on its own. What is important is that we have faith in people. They are good, they are smart ,and the creators of technology. You give people the motivation and the tools and, they do wonderful things with tools and technology. Mr.. John Sack (a renowned American actor and film producer) speaking on genealogy and human relationship had once said.