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Iscof College of Technology Article by Camille - Essay Example

After awhile they headed back to the COT lobby for the Thanksgiving Mass. The mass ended with fireworks and at the same time the COT Faculty, whom we treat as our parents pampered us and prepared a small snack for everybody. After a sip-on-a-soup and bite on a bread, everybody went upstairs at the HARM Function Hall for the Opening Program and cutting of ribbon. The Campus Administrator- the woman of the hour- Proof. Grace Bund, spared her time rushing upstairs and gave us her Inspiring message. After that short but meaningful message- our Dean, Proof.

Ancient Congenial officially opened the COT exhibit that the students anticipated the whole day. Visitors from different schools in the Municipality of Damaging particularly the SST. Louise Academy and SST. Acts High school made the celebration more special when they chose COIF-DC COT Division to be their field of learning’s as part of their tour. The IT students of course, didn’t fail their expectations when the 4th year students prepared a lecture about Photos Editing & Computer hardware servicing. This year’s exhibit was more fun than ever, you know why?

Because of the freebies! “,)LOL The room was composed of stations where you can hover around and avail some freebies Just like FREE check up of PC and Laptop, FREE downloads of music, video, movie and wallpapers. The exhibit also showcased the work of arts of the cot students showing not only how good they are In computers but also the creative side of being a Geek Like for example: their paintings, their clay models and their originally designed lampshades using you can navigate on the website of the COT department.

What made everybody enjoy were the games that was programmed by students such as the tic-tact-toe and the and vibration test game where your hand’s control are tested. If you win the game you will get a free t-shirt. But sad to say nobody got it. Seems like everybody “pajamas’. Afternoon session was such an informative one, the people from the Transact Company visited the celebration and conducted an orientation about BOP or Business Processing Outsourcing and how it works. Skills of the students were tested in the Games and Skills Olympics on the second day.

The categories were Programming, Speed typing, digital art, and computer parts identification. Students especially freshman’s really enjoyed the games not to mention also the kayak’s and date’s whom really took part to back up their group mates. The newly elected PTA officers also savored the rest of the day with the COT Family after their oath-taking ceremony. Within this day, the governors of each org. Launch their 10 Priority Projects and the” WE ARE ONE LOGO”. We Are One Logo goes out to all the members of the COSTS and ‘TTS.

As a sign of unity, students hanged an oversized number one logo on the wall with their signatures. The logo represents the response to a call for solidarity of the students of the College of technology and to maintain the spirit of camaraderie for every member. Handshake was also sampled by the governors as a symbol and a replica of the said aim. PROPOSED 10 PRIORITY PROJECTS 1 . English speaking zone College of Technology 2. Adaptation of the Alternative Learning System of the Local Government Unit 3. Beautifying the Study Sheds of the school 4.

Information and Communication Technology System 5. Electronic Base Attendance 6. Automated Entrance Examination 7. Automated Election 8. Special Skills Trainings (Digital Arts, Designing, Trouble Shooting) Management 10. Income Generating Program 9. Solid Waste We COT students, are not only geeks in computers, but also talented! And that was showcased by students who Joined into the talent showdown after the launching. All is well for the rest of the day. But wait, there’s more! Energy was reserved for the 2nd year students of ACT.

In order for them to develop their personality on how they should behave in an ideal way, Instructor Cynthia D. Miranda, organized a Culminating Activity that was called “FLAIR in FASHION year 2” held at El Grandee Resort ; Convention Center in Upon arriving at the area, they hurriedly prepared themselves. The pressure, the time limit, the tsunami walk, the look and the move was obviously their worries at hat time. Surprisingly, they did it! Really, that was the happiest night everyone had ever felt. Mama Chining( Insist. Cynthia Miranda) was so right, it was so unforgettable!

Truly, everyone’s personality was improved. Though they can’t have makeup artists, they can’t have assistants to help them out, still they managed themselves very well. They walked into the crowd with such glamour and wit. Guest and Judges were Insist. Norman Boron, Sir Reggae Doctored, Insist. Ronald Denuded, Insist. Nil Moderate, Insist. Cabanas, Insist. Hagiography, Insist. Genie Diamanté, Insist. Del, Insist. Eva Fernando with special guests Proof. Grace Bund and husband. Toast master of the night was Insist. Detonable Mongo.

Truly the College of Technology family never failed to support us in every step of the way. They have helped their students improve themselves and be a better person through this activity. Big thanks to the COT family: Meanwhile, the fashion show was over but never the fun! Second year students were so excited to Jump into that Ft tall pool with colorful slides that is more or less 15 feet tall. The excitement cannot be contained anymore; everyone already finished their turn for the fashion walk. They plunged their selves into the pool and swim all ever here and there.

Some went to the kiddy pool for picture takings, others took the slides. The scenic view of the resort cannot be denied; it contributed a lot to the memories that was installed into the minds of these students. The night was so peaceful and the moon was up to witness the smiles on their faces. The flashes of cameras made them feel like its Hollywood… At least once in their life they felt like they were Paris Hilton or Johnny Deep, the stars of the night. The splashes of water that flows from the slide that made their hearts go pump every time they took the ride.